NASCAR’s latest gimmick

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    Hello F1 Fanatics who also take an interest in NASCAR! We all know that there has been significant backlash toward F1’s double point season finale gimmick. I can count myself as against the double point finale, but how about this one for racing gimmicks?


    Prisoner Monkeys

    The first part of the proposal isn’t that bad – if you win a race, you are automatically invited into the Chase. It’s the second part that reads like a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist.


    Keith Collantine

    The Chase thing is a naff gimmick to start with and fixing the points system to guarantee anyone who wins a race ends up in it will just make it worse.

    I’m not that interested in NASCAR so I don’t really care but this is exactly the sort of nonsense F1 will end up with if the money men and knee-jerkers who demanded a double points season finale continue to get their way.


    Fer no.65

    Winning a race seems oh so random at NASCAR anyway that it’d feel deeply unfair to that lucky guy being given a chance to snatch the championship because he got lucky in the later part of the season.

    The chase cup thing has been implemented in Argentina aswell and oh boy it sucks bad ! championships are all-year affairs, a long endurance of races. Why the heck does the championship need to start again in the latter part of the year?



    I don’t really follow NASCAR, so take my opinion with a grain of salt – but surely this is going to produce some strange entrants into ‘The Chase’, Juan Pablo Montoya and Marcus Ambrose have both never won on ovals but both won on road courses.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    If they really wanted to do something different, they could start by reversing the points so that first place has the lowest points pay-out, and last place the highest points pay-out. The champion is the person with the lowest points score, like old auto trials.

    Then, change the Chase cut-off. Rather than having the top ten drivers automatically get accepted to the Chase after a certain round, change the cut-off to a predetermined points score. Once a driver hits that score, they are out of the running for the title. The trick would be to set a cut-off value that is high enough that drivers can have the odd bad round, but not so high that every man and his dog stays in the Chase in the last few rounds.

    The idea is to shift the focus from drivers racing to get into the Chase by a certain date to focusing on staying in the Chase every weekend.



    The Chase has improved viewing figures in the latter part of the season (Matt Kenseth winning the title with one race win was merely a good excuse for its implementation). Considering the multi-billion dollar TV contracts that NASCAR signed recently with NBC, it seems to be panning out very well for them commercially.

    This filters into race purses and sponsorship, resulting in even the backmarker teams being able to secure funds and hire on talent (only 1 of the 6 confirmed rookies for the 2014 Cup season is paying to drive).



    Sadly this idea will indeed go ahead:


    Delta Golf Sierra

    This is a really good article by Bob Pockrass on the problems this new Chase format could cause for NASCAR officials:

    If you enjoyed garage fist fights, intentional wrecks, over-aggressive driving, officials determining race results through penalties, and cheating teams, you’ll love the new format.

    This is the continued “NASCARization” of NASCAR. It’s become a joke.



    Now they’re pretty much all-out aping the ball sports.


    Delta Golf Sierra

    France basically says that casual fans are too stupid to understand point racing, even though the system worked great since NASCAR’s inception and through its rise in popularity:

    “‘Secondly, we want to make competing and running for a championship much simpler to understand’…France also said that casual fans (and drivers) don’t understand point racing, which will be de-emphasized with the new format.”



    If they want the most exciting races possible, just give the championship to whoever has the most wins at the end of the year.

    Sure, there will probably only be 10 cars on the track at the end of the race (because finishing 13th instead of 43rd wouldn’t mean anything). But those 10 cars would provide some serious entertainment.

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