Video: Ambrose takes win in dramatic last lap at Watkins Glen

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    Keith Collantine


    An exciting finish to yesterday’s NASCAR race at Watkins Glen, where F1-style rules regarding gaining an advantage by going off the track clearly do not apply!

    Kyle Busch led as the final lap began but was knocked into a spin by Brad Keselwoski. But Marcus Ambrose pounced to take the win off Keselowsky:


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    So, about 15 “Avoidable Collisions” and leaving the track to gain an advantage about 6 or 7 times. In one lap of a race. Shows how much they cater towards a crash happy audience


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    Valentine Khorounzhiy


    Can’t quite decide whether it was Keselowski’s fault. Busch’s return to track was super dangerous.


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    Stefan Wasinger


    According to the post-race interviews, the track was covered in oil from the car Nr. 18 (Kyle Busch), so it was not easy to stay on the track.


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    That’s not skillfull racing…anyone could go out on track, drive over the grass and cut corners.

    Coming back on the track at that speed, from grass, was really dangerous. As disjunto said, shows how much they cater towards a crash happy audience.


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    As an American, I hope that Nascar isn’t the view people from other countries have of us. That being said, it’s probably not all that far off…


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    Wow, the cars looks so dimwitted and difficult around a proper race track. Reminds me of truck racing at Brands Hatch.


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    These are stock cars, not open wheel machines. A decent amount of contact is expected, and though it was a shame there was oil on the track which led to several spins the race for the win was one of the most thrilling this year. It felt almost like a V8 Supercar race (Marcos Ambrose must of had a flashback) which in my opinion is a good thing. NASCAR needs more road courses.

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