2012 United States presidential election

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    Adam Blocker

    Hopefully Gary Johnson will get over 5% of the national vote, making the Libertarian Party a major party for the 2016 election.

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    I’ll be getting up nice and early to watch this too – perfect over brunch.

    If you want poll aggregation numbers, you can check out these sites:

    They’re the best in the industry, IMO.

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    Keith Collantine

    @journeyer Thanks for those.

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    At the risk of repeating @journeyer, Nate Silver (of FiveThirtyEight) is the guru.

    His latest election-eve article:-

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    It’s scary how right-wing the Republican party is becoming – I hope Obama wins today.

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    Not an American, but a few things I know for sure.

    Obama is a man with a mission. Granted, not everyone in the United States may agree with his measures (his healthcare bill comes to mind), but at least he has concrete plans in mind. Romney doesn’t seem as focused, and doesn’t seem to have a clear plan of action if he takes office. He regularly flip-flops, changing his views whenever they suit public opinion.

    In a news article, they quoted Romney twice – the first quote saying he wanted to fight in the Vietnam War, and another quote where he claimed he had opposed the Vietnam War all along.

    Romney claims to bring sweeping changes, yet I saw a video edit of Romney’s speeches spliced together with Obama’s – granted, the source may have had a liberal bias, but in terms of their actual speech, both candidates’ stances on major issues (Iraq, for instance) is remarkably similar, right down to the precise wording they used.

    Obama is still more popular overseas. Yes, global opinion may not matter much in a domestic election, but could well factor into the aftermath. As has been cited before, many desire a second term for Obama, fearing the results of Romney’s foreign policy. If Romney were to be elected, I foresee a significant international backlash fueling already rampant anti-US sentiment.

    As I type this, the first polls open in half an hour. Another thing I know for sure – whatever the outcome of the election, the world will be a changed place.

    (On a side note, watch out for the leadership handover in China. Combined with the US election, Sino-US ties could head in any direction.)

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    Just voted!

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    personally, i voted a straight democrat ticket even though i live in a state that will probably go to romney (North Carolina). i don’t like the amount of moral policing that comes with the republican party, especially in regards to the abortion issue. obama made romney look like a prag in the last debate, much to my delight. i’d really like to see obama get another term to finish what he started. i also think that he’s generally just a more likeable fellow than romney. romney tailors his personality and his views based on who he’s talking to at the moment and would be a wishy-washy leader with no real direction beyond protecting his millions.

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    Keith Collantine

    Adding lots of election-based Twitter feeds to my personal account, any suggestions welcome.

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    Keith Collantine

    Also, I can’t wait to see this:

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    Delta Golf Sierra

    Romney will win the election.

    Republicans are seriously energized to get out and vote, unlike 2008. In 2008, Democrats had a large advantage in turnout, by about 6%. Republicans that are sick of this president’s damaging policies will show up in droves, and even out that turnout percentage; maybe reverse it. In addition to this, polls are showing Romney leading with independents, many by double-digit margins. Obama’s job approval ratings are very low, and many feel this country is headed in the wrong direction. Incumbents don’t do well when the economy is doing so poorly. All signs point to a Romney win.

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    Someone here just made the remark how similar Obama is to Hamilton: both were very good at the start, but it deteriorated as their careers went on and could never achieve what they were expected to achieve. So… if ‘McLaren’ is considered the ‘White House’, the question then is: what is ‘Mercedes’ ?

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    I’m so glad I voted absentee; the lines at the polling station at my college campus were 2.5 to 3 hours long earlier today.

    I’m not going to discuss my own political views here, but I believe Obama will win, just based on our horribly out-of-date electoral college system. From looking at the electoral college map, Obama seems to have quite a few more ways to win than Romney. The national popular vote (which in the end means next to nothing) will be about a toss-up, if the polls are to be believed.

    If anyone’s interested in using an interactive map to look at the different possibilities and outcomes, this site is quite useful/entertaining:

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    Close stuff so far.

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    Keith Collantine

    Been watching BBC and CNN’s coverage mostly so far. CNN have some great data on how the voting has broken down so far – it’s like the Skypad for an election!

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