April 1st 'news'-watch

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    Keith Collantine

    It’s already April 1st in some parts of the world so keep an eye open for any false ‘news’ doing the rounds. Such as ‘Australian V8 Supercars to get Fanboost’:

    Spotted any others?



    Haven’t seen any myself, but MotorsTV seems to not be in on the joke, or perhaps think it’d be funny to be outraged as a joke.


    Bradley Downton

    @keithcollantine – I haven’t seen any yet, but I’d imagine there will be some along the lines of:
    – Button/Alonso set to retire with immediate effect.
    – Red Bull to abandon Renault (and build their own engines?)
    – Renault to buy out Toro Rosso/Red Bull


    Keith Collantine

    Surely the biggest April Fool’s day story would along the lines of ‘Ecclestone to increase payments to smaller teams to protect health of F1’.

    Except no one would fall for it.


    Bradley Downton

    You’ve just given away your idea @keithcollantine ;)



    Nah, it will be Bernie to retired from F1



    I’m waiting for someone to at least do a ‘Clarkson to take over after Ecclestone,’ story. It wouldn’t be a good story because everyone would instantly know it was a joke, but I still expect it.


    Iestyn Davies

    Maybe Bernie added his joke two days too early with that women’s championship idea… or the GP2 sprint grid.. or maybe not depending on what is in the next two round-ups!

    What about this one: “Bernie U-turns on Manor stance” :D


    bull mello

    Breaking news from Trumours.crazy/motorsports:

    Bernie Pulls Switcheroo With Raikkonen
    – Mr. Ecclestone, fed up with all the whining from rich teams and begging bowls from the poor teams turned his stake in F1 over to driver Kimi Raikkonen in order to take over his seat at Ferrari. Bernie claims he can do the job and that a friend once told him any taxi driver can drive in F1. He also went on to say that Raikkonen is almost as old as him anyway and that he weighs less than Kimi so the car is bound to go faster and he’ll beat that boring Vettel. When Kimi was approached regarding this astounding news, he said leave me alone, I know what I’m doing.



    “Double points introduced for the last race of the season”
    Oh wait.



    That v8 one is classic haha



    This one made me laugh:

    View post on



    Jos Verstappen and Sainz Sr to do FP1 in China:

    The pair, who have been practicing to learn the Shanghai track on their son’s Playstations, are this weekend expected at the team’s Faenza HQ where they will go through a crash course on the nuances of the STR10 and also spend time on the simulator.



    @andae23 like they need any encouragement….


    Keith Collantine

    @andae23 Where’s that one from?

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