Australian Formula Ford Series to be axed

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    CAMS have announced that they will axe the National Formula Ford Series in Australia at the end of the 2013 season…

    It is one of the darkest days in Australian Single Seater racing… When we’ve got talent like Mark Webber and Daniel Ricciardo representing the best of Australia in the Formula 1 Championship, Australian Single Seater Racing should be reaping the rewards, why has it gone so wrong????

    Source: Speed Cafe Article



    What I’ve heard is, it is going to make way for a Formula Renault 1600 championship…


    Common Monsoon

    Since Channel 7 stopped broadcasting the races, the benefit of running in the national class rather than at state-level dropped a fair bit. The series itself probably didn’t change but it’s hard enough to find sponsors when you’re a young driver even when you are going to be shown on TV. I’m not blaming Channel 7, but I also kind of am… :-P

    @wsrgo I also heard about a possible Australian Formula 4 championship!


    Iestyn Davies

    Sounds like a lot of the old formula ford type championships are disappearing. If the replacements are more cost-affordable, then maybe this is a good thing, a transfer if you will, to a more sustainable junior formulae/ladder. However, if it goes the other way, then it could be very bad. It seems like there will be a lot of Formula Renault/FIA F4 pretty soon, as part of Gerhard Berger’s plans for the single seater ladder. Did Formula Ford get hard to maintain, given that Renault is still involved with junior formulae? I thought Ford and BMW had stopped maintaining their series.


    Nathan Harper




    @fastiesty Well, Renault seem to be more committed to junior formulae than almost anything else..for them it is a high priority. I’m not sure about Ford, but I know that BMW decided to bail out their European, Asian and American series probably because they were losing money (which had led them to leave F1) and they decided to concentrate on DTM and other series. They still have the Talent Cup Final (held at Oschersleben in September each year).

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