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Bloodhound SSC car to contain F1 engine

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    Thought you guys might find this interesting, the bloodhound SSC car aimed at reaching 1000mph is to feature a cosworth F1 engine to power the hydraulics and fuel pump.
    More info here:

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    Holy cow. An F1 engine just to power hydraulics and the fuel pumps. That rocket can’t be doing many miles pr. galon if you need an F1 engine to supply it with fuel.

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    It’s probably a matter of gallons per mile.

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    Ha, I read the topic title and thought “hang on… wasnt it supposed to be a Jet engine car….”

    Nice to see that Cosworth have another client. I wish Richard Noble & co all the best with this attempt, have a lot of respect for the man and was pleased to meet & listen to him talk passionatly about the SSC and trying to get some engineering stimulation into the British Schools for making engineers of the future. Top Bloke.

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    Saw that car in Glasgow a few weeks back, two things: it’s absolutely massive and the wheels are made in Scotland! :P

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    The most powerful rocket test seen in the UK for 20 years.

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    According to the Bloodhound feature in the weekend papers in Bristol, when used as a fuel pump the Cosworth V8 “could fill a bath in 3 seconds”… An ideal gift for the F1 fanatic who has everything?

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    In that case they should hook some wet weather wheels up that engine and fill a bath in 1s ;)

    Interesting project.

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    I’d advise anybody with a slight interest to like their page on facebook. Some great pictures of the completed monocoque have been posted.

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    This is a nice impromptu interview of Andy Green by Ted Kravitz, who was genuinely starstruck.

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    In the Bloodhound store, they have a book showing details of the car build and about the mission as a whole. It will be a Christmas present to myself. It looks brilliant!

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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