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    I did started this thread last time when the forum was available, so I am starting it again as the information has been lost.

    So what is your favourite car?

    Mine is the Fiat Nuova 500

    Because it is a car which practical to me as my family do have the funding to buy but they wont as they think that buying car is a way tow waste money. I think I need to let them watch Top Gear!

    If I ever buy a car by myself (even in my dream) then this would be it.


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    It has to be the Aston Martin DB9. what a beautiful car!!


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    Quite digging the 911 Turbo in black at the moment!


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    Ferrari F40, Aston Martin Vantage.

    Ferrari’s and Aston’s are my favourite cars ever.


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    I love the bi-turbo RX-7, its perfect in everyway! but my favorite exotic car has to be the Pagani Zonda R, Its simple, beautiful, and SOOOOOO Fast!


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    @ polishboy808 The Pagani Zonda is probably one of the top 10 great sports car in the market today.I like it. Do sometimes make trouble figuring out how do Richard Hammond sits in that car & drive?


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    Yep. all of the above.

    I’d add the Aston Martin DBS to the earlier mention of the DB9

    …and also the 998 GT2 to the earlier mention turbo, especially in white mmmm!

    The new McLaren MP4-12C too.

    Ultimately tho, my fantasy garage would definitely contain a Zonda, the McLaren F1 and an original Fiat 500 in white.


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    Alfas are my favourite ever road cars closely followed by Ferrari. I have a bit of a thing for Fiat too (esp the 500 and Punto). I do like Maserati but mainly the Gran Turismo. Lambo fan too esp the old ones like the Diablo but if I owned one I would say my dad was having a midlife crisis that it was his but sneakily have a go.

    The Mclaren F1 is ok. Definitely the best Mclaren road car ever.

    Porsche doesn’t really do anything at all for me unless it’s next to a Fiat Multipla but that could make anything look attractive.

    I suppose being specific any Giulia (hopefully saloon or TZ) would do me. Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale would make me melt. Ferrari wise I’ve always adored the Testarossa for reasons I’ve yet to fathom.


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    My all-time favourite car is the Citroen DS – it was decades ahead of its time in both engineering and styling. I think it is very unlikely a mainstream manufacturer would be willing or able to release something quite so ahead of its time in this day and age.


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    In my opinion no one makes exotic cars as the Italians do. My favourite ever cars are the Ferrari F40 and the Lamborghini Murcielago (I didn’t use to like it but it grew on me after I started following GT races). The Audi R8, Aston Martin DB9 and the Dodge Viper are my other favourites too.

    But now getting back to reality (since cars are absurdly expensive here in Brazil), it would be a dream to own a Ford Fusion or a Citron C4 (Pallas or Coup) :P


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    What I love about the Ferrari F40 is it’s exactly what a supercar should look like. If you asked people to draw a super car it would look like the F40. Long drooping nose and a huge spoiler, Absolutely love it.


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    Unfortunately there’s no road-going version of it, but Honda’s replacement for their NSX Super GT model is my current favourite, the HSV 010 GT

    That and the Nissan GTR, or course, in white or matte black.


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    Realistic car that I could see myself owning; Audi RS6 Avant.

    Super Car: Mclaren MP4-12C

    Im a nut over technology and the Mclaren’s are on the cutting edge of car design.

    I’m eagerly waiting for the burst of new supercars from the likes of ferrari, Porsche, and Mclaren.

    The MP4-12C and the 458 are to be considered entry-level Cars, not the super cars their brands are capable of making.


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    Lamborghini Countach was the prototype of every supercar.

    Among the “normals”, Lancia Delta in the 80s was probably the best.


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    If I could have any car, it would definitely be the Lotus Exige. Oh, mama.

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