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    Keith Collantine

    Mrs F1 Fanatic read the following in a book today and thought it described me very well. Anyone else?

    “Now I am of those who are affected by motor-cars: their lines thrill me, the harmony of their colour touches me, a gallant device wins my earnest admiration so that, walking along Piccadilly, I will distress my mind by being a partisan of one, a despiser of that one. Nor am I to be won by any cheap thing, no matter how brave-seeming it may be to the eye, how admirable in endurance; but I am to be won only by the simple lines, the severe and menacing aspect, of the aces among motor-cars; for economy hath charms, but not to the eye.”

    The quote is from The Green Hat by Michael Arlen (1924).

    I had a particularly exciting car spot earlier this week:


    Prisoner Monkeys

    I saw a Ferrari 458 Italia look very awkward as it tried to navigate the labyrinth that is the underground car park of a local shopping centre the other day.

    Does that count?



    Personally no. I like beautiful cars, but I like car racing more than I like the cars. I get more satisfaction in watching two Toyota’s (to name one) racing each other on a racetrack, than seeing a Ferrari drive by.



    I live next to a Ferrari/Maserati dealer, so see expensive cars every day! Also, the wealthy people that use the garage often have fairly nice cars anyway (Porsches etc).



    It’s not me. The last time I saw a Ferrari, my first thought was that it must be incredible to drive in the highlands where only sheep can see you, and barely paid any attention to the looks. It’s not that I don’t have opinions on how cars look, I just don’t immediately think about it. I’m very able to overlook the ghastly body kits on the Super GT cars, or the bulbousness of the DW12, for example.



    This is absolutely me.



    I must admit I spent part of Saturday at Brands Hatch totally engrossed in a partially disassembled F3 car. I have no idea how it all works but I love to see the engineering!



    Yeah, that applies to me!

    One of the great things about living in the Middle East is that there tends to be loads of exotic tin and rubber rolling round (usually driven by pretentious eejits…but hey ho). The building I used to live in in Dubai had a McLaren dealer in it, so there would always be 12C’s in the car park and an F1 showcar (the MP4-22) in the show room. Lots of drooling. That area of Duabi is now the area that is being patrolled by Dubai’s fleet of exotic police cars, which includes a Mercedes SLS AMG, Ferrari FF, Lamborghini Aventador and an Aston Martin One-77 amongst others (see this link

    Though I’m not a fan, I did tail a Veyron for about 20 minutes on Sheikh Zayed Road once. It was the first one I’d ever seen so I was fairly excited. They are so much more good looking in the flesh, the one I saw was blue and white, just perfect.

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