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    Stephen Jones

    -first “new” topic, so bear with me!-

    i’ve booked grandstand tickets to the Australian GP for the first time (!) and i’m getting ready for possibly the best weekend of my life (so far). I was planning on stocking up on some merch, then looking slightly cool as i watched the F1.. But i wasn’t sure what Teams Merch i wanted.. then this awesome idea hit me.

    maybe i could wear a piece of gear from every team?

    i’m not sure if its been tried before (no-one’s that stupid), but since the exchange rate’s so good over here right now, i decided to give it a shot.

    So far i’ve allocated:

    RedBull: T-Shirt

    .. and well thats it

    but if you have any places where i could get cheap gear that would be awesome.

    For Example:

    Mclaren Cap

    Williams Jacket

    Ferrari Shoes

    Sauber Sweat Bands?

    HRT Underwear? (hopefully a little more reliable)

    tl;dr: where can i get cheap semi-current F1 gear?



    Outside gate 8 there’s normally a little stand set up at the end of the day. I went there is ’09 and bought a few $2 caps. None of the gear is current, but it’s cheap and it’s officially licensed. Just to be different, you should wear merchandise from previous years! I have a Williams BMW jacket, a BMW Sauber t-shirt and a Benetton hat. My uncle bought a Jordan hat and a Minardi hat and I think my Dad has a Jean Alesi hat! :P But yeah, make sure you check out that stand, they’ve got some really cheap stuff. Oh and I just remembered, there’s a souvenir/sports shop in southern Elizabeth street (near Flinders) that has plenty of F1 merchandise over the Grand Prix weekend. I thought it was a bit naff until I went downstairs! There are heaps of signed pictures and models, as well as heaps of current and old F1 apparel. I actually got my Sauber shirt here for around $15! I would love to find out where I could get some of the posters they have on display down there, too. I really can’t wait for the Grand Prix! It’s going to be the best weekend ever. I’m thinking of starting a thread on here where we can discuss a meet-up at the track! (So excited!) :D



    @damon there is a link for race meet up discussions here:

    I think Keith would prefer it if you kept that convo there since its on the main site :)

    For cheap F1 gear…my favourite place is ebay. I don’t buy current F1 gear because its massively overpriced and then out of date 12 months later [and a lot cheaper]. Also, I only ever wear F1 gear very rarely as a lot of it isn’t exactly ‘cool’! (i.e. my 2005 renault gear :P).

    Picked up some gems from ebay, especially as i’m a fan of retro things. Got myself a rothmans cap for 99p the other week!

    As for more current stuff, damonsmedley is right that the official (and not so official) stockists will sell the current stuff at a high price and the less current stuff for less. At the British Grand Prix I saw some bmw stuff for about 10 this year, which isn’t that bad [off the top of my head, there were t shirts and a bag for that price].



    @sw6569 – I am aware of the discussion page – and I have been commenting there, but I don’t think many people are aware of it. At this stage, there only appears to be 5 or 6 F1 Fanatics interested in a meet-up, with just a single comment being posted every few days. I was thinking of starting a forum topic with a link to the discussion so people know it’s there.



    White Fruit of the Loom T-Shirt, Felt-tip pens, the world is your oyster.



    Aha RIISE – when Brawn scored their shock front-row lockout on debut, we saw a couple of guys behind the Clark stand who had bought white t-shirts and marker pens and were making some Brawn merchandise to wear to the race! It was pretty funny, because the best team in F1 hadn’t yet had time to release any merchandise at all.



    LOL, This reminds me of a friend last year who was boasting and bragging about his McLaren towel which he got for next to nothing from an official McLaren merchandising stand until I pointed out that the image on the towel was one of Alonso!


    sbl on tour

    hope he kept it!


    Stephen Jones

    haha riise, i’m almost thinking of doing that

    and damon, i think i’ve actually been to the elizabeth st shop before! i remember there being an F1 dedicated room downstairs, so thats probably it. I’ll have a look around on monday, and see what i can get!

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