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F1 racestars

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    Avatar of xjr15jaaag

    Just seen this clip:
    and I thought that it looked excellent, and deserved its own forum
    who’s gonna get it?

    Avatar of Calum

    Definately! I love Mario Kart and F1 2011 – F1 and Karts looks such a simple yet fun combo!

    Avatar of Dan8

    Some more information about the game on the official F1 website:

    It is good to see Codemasters are really using that F1 video game license to make as many games as they can! Hopefully the new game should get some more younger children (and some big kids too!) interested in the sport.

    Avatar of Slr

    Looks cool. :D

    Avatar of moshbeard

    Will probably be a lot of fun, don’t think I’ll buy it unless it turns out to be extremely awesome.

    Avatar of Fer no.65
    Fer no.65

    It’s good Codemasters is exploiting F1 as much as possible. This sort of thing is very good for the sport, it brings F1 to the general public.

    If young kids start playing this kind of thing, they’ll then watch the races on the telly, and it’s a whole benefit for the sport.

    Avatar of RaNdoMz

    Can’t wait to see how funny all the drivers look on the game!!

    Look at Grosjean and Vettels hair!

    Avatar of

    It looks fun. :)
    I like the graphics style and the bobble head style drivers.
    I will probably buy it when he price goes down.

    Avatar of robk23

    It reminds me of Crash Team Racing which was one of my favourite games on the PS1, I think I’ll buy this sooner or later.

    Avatar of Keith Collantine
    Keith Collantine

    A thread has now been created for this in the correct group so let’s continue this discussion there:

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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