F4 driver Sophia Floersch has shocking near-miss with course car

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    Keith Collantine

    Formula Four driver Sophia Floersch had this incredible near-miss with a course car at Oschersleben:

    From the video it seems there may have been a red flag at the time of the incident – look at the gantry she passes under shortly after the video begins.


    Pennyroyal tea

    So scary. Regardless of red flags, what was that car doing? He wanted to have a go at the track. He comes out, doesn’t look, apparently has the turning circle of a train.



    She was just fined 20000 euros for releasing the video without permission of the ADAC, which sounds ridiculous to me. I did try seeing the red flag in the gantry, and indeed it seems that one light is red. However, just before the corner and so much lower to that gantry, I imagine the driver would be focusing on the corner entry, rather than looking well up above his/her cockpit.

    The SUV just has no business being there, especially since there doesn’t seem to be happening anything anywhere near that part of the circuit that justifies the action of emergency or track vehicles. It’s just incredily careless by the organisation, honestly. There could have been a major accident, and we could have been here talking about much more serious consequences.


    David Not Coulthard


    @davidnotcoulthard Now it is, but their first report was of 20k. Should’ve taken a snapshot of it… Still, it’s definitely not the most important aspect of the whole situation.



    Fining a driver for bringing up a clear safety violation is unfair and plain wrong – just because she has shown up poor safety from the ADAC, doesn’t mean fining her for what is effectively a copyright violation is harsh under the circumstances. I’m hoping that they get a far bigger fine for allowing this to happen in the first place. And there was me thinking that watching Scott Dixon’s Indycar split in half from turn 2 at Indy would be the most disturbing thing I’d see this year – this tops that.

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