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    You can never go wrong with Cissy Strut. Nicely done.



    Difficult to say. Here’s my top 20 most played artists since 2004 from my lastfm account ( ). There’s a little of everything.

    Nick Drake







    Jason Hayes (World of Warcraft Soundtrack)


    Russell Brower, Derek Duke, Glenn Stafford (World of Warcraft Soundtrack)

    Ennio Morricone

    Paradise Lost

    Ozzy Osbourne


    Black Sabbath


    Howard Shore


    Hroes del Silencio

    The Beatles




    Thats quite an eclectic mix you have there.

    Carcass and The Beatles in the same playlist.

    I’ve just borrowed a Carcass cd from a friend of mine, (Heartwork) and it is


    That and a load of Testament cd’s. It’s all good stuff. Fantastic riffage!


    sbl on tour

    @ paxjes, crikey almighty, never heard of half of that lot!

    check out “sweet, sweet kisses” by duke special



    yeah, i can’t really listen to the same type of music all the time. I try to keep it balanced so that i don’t get bored.

    And you cant go wrong with carcass. I’m a huge fan. My favourite album from them is Necroticism which is a bit more raw and technical than Heartwork. But all albuns are classic (all different from each other).



    @sbl on tour:

    Duke special are ok. They were completely played to death on the radio at first. Every day it would be on about 4 or 5 times. That used to drive me nuts.

    I have now resorted to bringing the iPod to work every day because of the rubbish thats on the radio.

    I haven’t been told off for it yet.


    I’ll be off to amazon to get a few more of their albums now. I know what you mean, I would listen to loud shouty stuff but Newton Faulkner, The Eagles, all that sort of stuff is all on there too. It’s all good stuff. Better than the usual stuff thats on the radio today.



    Well seeing as I’m having a quiet morning at work, I may as well.

    I pretty much listen to 60’s Rock ‘n Roll, so lots of The Beatles, the Stones, Jimi Hendrix, but I’m also a big Oasis fan, and quite like Blur, Travis, Coldplay, Radiohead, Nirvana, the Pixes, Dire Straits and a wee bit of Metallica. Throw in the Foo Fighters, U2, David Bowie, and when the need arises some old school Soul, thats about all I lsiten to.



    @ rabbit:

    Prog ‘n Rock! That song is simply amazing!


    Good taste man! Never thought I’d find someone else who likes Cynic on F1F! Glad to see that Death is the top 3 band in your list – my old username used to be “The Philosopher”… I guess you’ll recognize it :)

    Anyway, I don’t have “favourite” bands or songs, it’s just that sometimes I’m listening more to a band than another. So I’ll just plop the bands on my Winamp playlist :P

    Arch Enemy

    Astral Doors


    Carl Orff

    Control Denied


    Dark Tranquillity


    Dream Theater

    Hideaki Kobayashi (Phantasy Star Online soundtrack)

    Iron Maiden

    Judas Priest



    Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy series soundtrack)



    Quo Vadis (one of their songs, “On The Shores of Ithaka”, is the most perfect song I’ve ever heard)


    Theatre of Tragedy


    Right now I’m more into Dream Theater (favourite songs being “A Change of Seasons”, “Metropolis pt.I – The Miracle and the Sleeper”, “The Ytse Jam”, “The Glass Prison”, “Scene Seven: I. The Dance of Eternity”, among others) and Opeth (favourite songs being “Ghost of Perdition”, “Windowpane”, “Blackwater Park”, “Bleak”, “Forest of October”, “The Apostle in Triumph”, and others). Also Megadeth is one of the most special bands for me, specialy after I’ve seen them live last year :P

    Anyway, great idea for a post! Life without music is just pointless.




    If you’re getting carcass i must warn you that their first 2 albums “reek of putrefaction” and “symphonies of sickness” have very bad sound quality and are very aggressive. Download the albums first and if you like, then buy them. So if you’re hopping to get something more like heartwork i’d say get “swansong” or “necroticism”

    @guilherme Teixeira

    Ainda bem que ha pessoas que falam portugues aqui hehe.

    Cynic and Death are two of my favourite bands ever. Can’t wait for the new one from cynic.



    I listen to the same artists all the time. My personal favorites are U2, Dave Matthews Band, Bruce Springsteen, The Clash, AC/DC, and a new favorite The Wrens. For the most part I go through periods where I listen to one band heavily then rotate to another.



    Definitely the Hold Steady. If you haven’t heard the weekenders you definitely should make a point of it! :D

    Apart from them, I’m having a Arctic monkeys thing at the moment.


    sbl on tour

    just watching reggae on the beeb,

    some great oldies

    the special aka – gangsters

    madness – prince buster

    junior murvin – police and thieves

    magic or what

    what have we got now, cowell and louis wash for dangs sake


    sbl on tour

    cripes, ub 40 – food for thought, has just come on, what next!

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