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Felix Baumgartner jump

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    Can’t wait. Probably the only time I’ll be cheering for Red Bull :P

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    @davef1. Right, me too.

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    Bradley Downton

    This is quite mighty, little boring at the moment though..

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    Mo choud

    Sorry to be off topic on an off topic subject, but i couldnt find how to make a new thread.

    Well here’s my questions. Wouldn’t this camber system be a big help to f1 races? I was watching videos when on youtube when I cam upon this one, looks like it could be something good! Heres the link to the video:

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    YES! He made it!

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    Boxcar Racer

    I think it would have been better if they had a camera on his helmet so we could effectively “jump with him” as opposed to the camera shots from Earth, which spoilt it for me because it was basically a white dot failing towards Earth. Gutsy though although I think the commentator was the real hero because he managed to talk for over an hour about, what effectively was, a balloon floating about in the sky!

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    One of the most exciting and intense things Ive ever watched (live). Very glad to see he came out of it fine and set a few records. How many people have travelled at +720mph without being strapped to a jet engine.

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    That was one of the most staggering things I have ever seen. Despite the fact that he was ascending for the bones of two and a half hours, I couldn’t look away from the computer. I have a fear of heights myself and watching him step out onto the ledge made me cringe, but I still couldn’t look away.

    I was worried for him as we watched him tumble end over end while falling at that speed, but seeing the parachute open, hearing him talk, and seeing him land safely, was a relief.

    It was a fantastic achievement by that whole team. Well done to them!

    Profile photo of Slr

    I watched it on YouTube and it was quite amazing. I’d love to do what Baumgartner did, especially the part where he was completely out of control of him jump and spinning around all over the place, that looked really fun. :)

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    Related to Zsolt? :P

    Profile photo of Ryan Williams
    Ryan Williams

    Official figures from the press conference:

    Fall Speed: 833.9mph
    Mach: 1.24
    Free fall distance: 119,000 feet/36,271 metres
    Time spent in free fall: 4 minutes, 20 seconds

    Profile photo of Fer no.65
    Fer no.65

    Am I the only one that wanted something (small) to go wrong? Just to add a little drama… :P

    What really surprises me about all this isn’t actually Baumgartner’s jump. It’s the fact that someone jumped from 31000 metres before, and not 10 years ago… 52 years ago !

    I watched it all, and the little module, his suit, everything, was so “out of this world” that you wonder what the heck was Joseph Kittinger thinking in 1960?

    Profile photo of Ryan Williams
    Ryan Williams

    @fer-no65 It nearly did go wrong! Felix entered a flat-spin at over 750mph. If he’d not recovered he probably would’ve blacked out and well, I don’t really need to explain the rest…

    Profile photo of Bradley Downton
    Bradley Downton

    The man is mad.
    But he did it, so Congratulations. A huge accomplishment.

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