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Ferrari reveal their new supercar (and McLaren P1 rival): the LaFerrari

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    There are only 499 models available…and i’m the 500 in the list…hope that someone cancels..:)

    Profile photo of Keith Collantine
    Keith Collantine

    @nomore Oh you can have mine, I’m getting a P1 anyway 8-p

    Profile photo of Nomore

    @keithcollantine thx mate…i give you a ride one day :D

    Profile photo of robk23

    Wow that is a good looking car but the name, oh dear!

    Profile photo of matt90

    “Am I the only one thinking they kept this kind of quiet?”

    It definitely wasn’t a secret that it would be unveiled at Geneva, plus teaser photos have been circulating for a while, and expected specs even longer.

    Profile photo of Steve Antrobus
    Steve Antrobus

    Car looks good for sure, and I’m not even that big of a ferrari fan. Still prefer the P1 though. One things for sure, if Top Gear happen to cover this car at any point, you can be sure they will take La piss out of the name of the thing…

    Profile photo of Carlitox

    That thing has more wings that a bunch of DTM cars hehehe ;-) It does look brutal, the Ferrari we’ve been expecting for a long time. But Luca, why on earth would you give it such a lame name??

    Profile photo of Polishboy808

    I don’t think this thing is called the Ferrari LaFerrari. I think its just called LaFerrari, like the Enzo’s official name was Enzo Ferrari, and not Ferrari Enzo. That being said, LaFerrari means “The Ferrari”, which would make a lot of sense if there was it were to be just LaFerrari.

    Still, not nearly as cool a name as P1.

    Profile photo of Kingshark

    I think I’m in love all over again! I <3 the new LaFerrari. :p

    Profile photo of Hairs

    @matt90 no doubt that’s the case. I just haven’t come across any of it in my online travels recently, whereas the p1 has been all over Twitter and websites fairly prominently. Maybe it’s the mix of sites/people I’m following, but it seems that McLaren did more promo work on this one. Hasn’t stopped the crowds at the stand, clearly.

    Profile photo of matt90

    @hairs I think that might just have more to do with McLaren having released official pictures of the identical concept ages ago, and those are better for an article than various renderings.

    Profile photo of Michael

    This reminds of a movie called Mickey Blue Eyes with Hugh Grant. Early in the movie, his fiancee takes him to a restaurant called “The La Tratoria” – I just can’t help but be reminded of that.

    Off topic – the movie is a great comedy especially the fortune cookie scene in the Chinese restaurant.

    Profile photo of Fixy

    I have to say – although being Italian I risk being thought of as heretical – I don’t like the latest Ferraris that much and actually I prefer the McLarens, both the MP4-12C and the P1. Sure, if I wanted a car to show off I’d pick the LaFerrari over the MP4-12C because the latter looks too simple. However, it reminds me a lot of the F1, which was very simple but astonishing; the Ferrari F40 was also simple, and that’s why I like it more than its current heir.

    Profile photo of Nomore
    Profile photo of David-A

    It’s stunning.

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