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Ferrari reveal their new supercar (and McLaren P1 rival): the LaFerrari

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    Profile photo of Ratboy

    Will it have an AUX port?

    Ferrari TheFerrari? Reckon they went into the naming meeting and said (In Italian) “What we gonna call this new LaFerrari?” “yeah that’ll do”

    Profile photo of matt90

    Hideous from some angles, stunning from others. It’s a bit of a mish-mash.

    Profile photo of Alex green
    Alex green

    Just hope its got a cup holder :)

    Stunning simply stunning

    Profile photo of ZF1

    Apparently Alonso’s been given model 001 of LaFerrari, can anyone confirm?

    Profile photo of Kingshark

    Rubbish name for an amazing car. La Ferrari? Sounds like a French Ferrari.

    Profile photo of Max Jacobson
    Max Jacobson

    It looks to be, purely from a statistical point of view, Ferrari are just trying to get one over McLaren in almost every category (apart from possibly the hybrid system)! The anticipation to see LaFerrari and the P1 on Top Gear though is immense, and I expect they may even be getting possibly within 10 seconds of the Formula 1 car…

    Profile photo of Jenifer Stevens
    Jenifer Stevens

    I was at the Geneva auto show the day LA Ferrari was introduced. Incredible car and I thought that Luca did his usual spectacular job in intoducing it. Great succesor to the Enzo.

    Profile photo of matt90

    I hate the little chin spoiler thing it has- the nose is a bit too pointy as it is and that draws more attention to it. I think it would look better if it actually connected to the rest of the bodywork at each side, or if it was painted black instead.

    Profile photo of Akin Aslan
    Akin Aslan

    O no the tyres are from pirelli

    Profile photo of Asanator

    I am guessing this is what has been keeping Rory Byrne busy in his ‘retirement’!

    Love it, and am sure it will P1ss all over the McLaren

    Profile photo of Kingshark


    Don’t worry though, Ferrari (and Lotus) are actually good on the Pirelli tyres. ;)

    Profile photo of Todfod

    Everything about the car seems fantastic but the silly name.

    Why hasn’t Ferrari named any of their cars after the circuit they own? The car should have been called Fiorano . It would suit it much more

    Profile photo of Force Maikel
    Force Maikel

    Love it, simply astonishing. Let’s hope it drives like a 458 Italia but with a V12!

    Profile photo of Keith Collantine
    Keith Collantine

    Here’s Alonso giving the car its first run:

    Profile photo of Keith Collantine
    Keith Collantine

    Video of Alonso driving the car:

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 45 total)

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