Finish of 2010 Edmonton Indy


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    I’m just curious if anyone watched this race and if they have an opinion on the penalty again Helio Castroneves at the end of the race. I felt what they called a illegal block in Indy would have been called good racing or good defending in any other series. It seems to me that kind of racing happens all the time in F1.


    Keith Collantine

    I saw it and I thought it was handled entirely correctly. As soon as I saw Castroneves staying right on the restart I thought he’d either have to give up the place or get a penalty.

    IndyCar’s rules say you’re not allowed to defend your position like that. We’ve seen them enforce it before and Castroneves should know because he was on the rough end of it at Long Beach a couple of years ago.

    I can’t understand what all the fuss is about from people criticising the penalty. It’s odd that it’s termed “blocking” by some, because it isn’t “blocking” in the strict sense, but all the same it’s clear what the intent of the rule is and we’ve seen it applied in the past.



    I found it pretty strange.

    I tought it was some great racing. He did need to move a bit to make the corner.

    He went a bit wide, but very normal imo. I feel for Helio.



    i’ve watched the race end

    but what exactly is the story here? what was controversial? what was he meant to do?



    I think that you need to be a full time IndyCar fan to appreciate this decision. While in F1 that move is fine, in Indycar it is clearly not allowed and I feel the stewards got it spot on. I was actually suprised to see how fired up Helio was after the race.

    In my opinion he should have let his team mate go by at the restrat when he got such a good run on him anyway because Power is a real chance for the title this season.



    I completely understand what Sato just asked that was my first reaction when I watched the Video, I was searching round trying to find somebody in the field doing something wrong.

    Blocking rules in Indy Car may be appropriate for Ovals where it would be easy for someone to clip a tyre and go skyward, but on a road curcuit its utterly ridiculous and makes the sport look stupid. I did actually watch as one of the stewards explained the decision and I was dumbfounded at the rules that they were wanting to enforce.

    “In my opinion he should have let his team mate go by at the restrat when he got such a good run on him anyway because Power is a real chance for the title this season”

    lol good point, but the thing is he would have gotten the penalty whoever he’d been ‘blocking’ In F1 you can’t race your team mate but in IndyCar you can’t race at all.

    I think the people who make the rules in IndyCar need an education in how racing should work



    There’s a good video explaining the rule on (titled Barnhart explains the blocking rules). I didn’t see what was wrong before, but this makes it clear.

    Essentially, on a road course you’re not allowed to take the inside line into a corner unless you’re overtaking. If you’re defending, you have to stay wide (which basically means you can’t defend if you’re a slower car). I’ve always wondered why it seemed to easy for drivers to overtake on road courses in IndyCar, and now I know.

    I’m not a fan of this rule, but it’s there and Helio broke it.



    I understand that within the framework of IRL rules that the penalty had presidence and within that scope made sense. However, I feel that outside the IRL rule book, hence, in the rest of the motor sports world, that the penalty is rediculous. Perhaps this is one of those situations where just because it’s a rule, it doesn’t necessarily follow that it is a good rule. Again, maybe it would be better to say it is an unpolished rule, because, as Ads21 suggested, it may make sense on ovals. I believe there were a number of blocking penalties at this year’s Indianapolis 500 which I thought made sense in that situation. However, considering that the Indycar Series is strugging to keep/find a fan base, and it seems to me it’s more likely to attract fans of F1, or sportscar racing, rather than NASCAR fans, or fans completely new to racing, that maybe they should look at changing that rule? I know from my point of view there are definitely some other aspects of the sport I find rather silly.



    I was a bit shocked when i saw a perfectly normal move by Castroneves being punished (ie. i am used to f1, where drivers are expected to defend their posistion).

    Now i must admit, i have not really been following Indycar regularly off late, so after reading up on it, it is clear why he was penalized. But it does make clear, that the rules have to be absolutely clear for everyone to understand what is going on and enjoy the sport.

    Compare F1. Unclear SC rules, arguments about what is/is not allowed when passing, the matter of team orders being used without punishment in some cases (rightly so), while actually being illegal after blatant misuse by a team in 2002.

    The actual rules are something we as fans can like or critisize (i’m no fan of making it almost impssible to defend position). But when it’s clear what the rules are, 95% of us can live with them and enjoy the motorSPORT that were watching.



    it’s explained here. Penalty is correct, but I don’t like it!



    Great defensive driving. I thought F1 calls were stupid…

    Why not just penalise every driver that doesn’t use the racing line one time. Worst call ever.



    @TommyB – no, correct call, worst rule ever.



    Yeah, what Macca said – Good call, poor rule.

    This is the kind of nonsense rule which encourages “false” overtaking. It’s not really an overtake if the opponent cannot defend it…



    Just watched the replay of the actual rule as opposed to the incident.

    I stand corrected, and agree what a ridiculous rule.



    It looked like a ridiculous call when I watched it the first time. I didn’t see anything wrong with it. But now that the rule was explained it makes sense.

    But what a crappy rule!!

    And Castroneves has quite a temper!!!!

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