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    The car launches will start from tomorrow followed by one driver announcement with testing then we will travel more then 6100 km around the world, so I wish everyone to have a good time between now & the finale.As we are only few of the more than 527 millions that watched F1 through out 2010.

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    race you to the end!

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    Thank you Ferrari for putting me out of my misery tomorrow! I’ve also realised that I’m no longer just excited for the F1 season to start but for the live blogs and prediction championship to return. I’m an F1fanatic fanatic :P

    I remember this time last year was so exciting but then the season just flew by and it was Abu Dhabi in no time so I’m looking forward to another year completely flashing by.

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    Bring it on!

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    Stephen Jones

    happy 2010!

    this season is going to be awesome.. i can feel it

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    Looking forward to my first full season on F1Fanatic!

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    Happy 2011 chaps, can’t start soon enough huh? If anything testing and the launches only make it worse, there’s only two races you approach with absolute heart pumping excitement, an there always the first and a close decider, an the build up to the first gets parinfull at times.

    To the new season, see you all on the liveblogs, i’ll hope to mod more regularly this year, i’m poor so it’s the only way I can give back, SO EXCITED.


    Mercedes better have made Nico a “faster” car this year to fight for the title or my name is going to get reeeeeeeally… last season…

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    Aiming for top 100 in predictions championship this season!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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