Journalist dealing with road-testing Ferrari's

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    Interesting read:


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    Thanks a lot for the article, very interesting and fun to read.


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    Nice article (and good to see you back on here Nik, haven’t noticed you on in a while), a bit depressing though to think they really do these things.


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    You know what makes me really sad about reading that article? Makes my eyes water with sadness?

    It sounds just like my impression of Ferrari F1.

    I could rant about it but I promised I wouldn’t do that again this week.

    What is it about Ferrari these days? Has Berlesconi invaded the minds and the charator of LDM and co? Im at a loss. They feel like they are trying to save their own legend. They feel like they are losing their crown of invincibility, and they find that impossible to accept so come up with all this nonsense, like and ageing rock star loosing the plot due to the fame and the myths of himself that he now worships.

    It’s uncomfortable to witness. Dunno if anyone gets what I mean? Maybe it’s just me..

    Thing is, it’s evidently undeserved? It’s like the Madness of King Luca.


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    Dan Thorn


    I get what you mean and it is a shame. I want to understand and appreciate the need and want to be the best but when they’re almost certainly going to get found out, whats the point?

    None of this would stop me from buying a Ferrari, but that’s mainly because I’d rather have a 308 or 512 than a 599 or a 458.


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    Very interesting. To be fair you have to take everything that every motor manufacturer (from 0-100 times to fuel consumption) says about their cars with a pinch of salt. We never get told that the manufacturers indicated 0-100 time was set ater 50 attempts with an unlimited number of clutches on a slight downhill with a tailwind, we just get told “Car X is faster to 100 than car Y” or “Car X averages X litres per 100kms”.

    That sais the author does have a point, Ferrari road cars are awesome anyway, and don’t need the extra tuning just to grab magazine headlines.


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    Ned Flanders


    Just read this now. I never realised that the Ferrari the road car company and Scuderia Ferrari were suffering from the same disease. The sooner Luca di Montezemelo buggers off, the better…

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