Last to first from a helmet camera

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    Saw this up on Jalopnik, some great racing there! Really brave stuff, but still you always looked really smooth and in control. Not easy to do on a wet track haha.



    thats Melbourne Weather for you ladies and gents


    Common Monsoon

    In case anyone was wondering what else happened on the day Stephen went from last to first, here’s the final review video of the weekend.

    @matthijs The problem at Winton was that the blue car had a tiny bit more power. Stephen caught up by being quicker through the corners, but had to defend at the end of every straight once he’d taken the lead.



    Nice video, that’s better than the F1 highlights! You’ve earned yourself a sub. It’s a pity you guys are in Oz, would be fun to race against Stephen in iracing.



    @magnificent-geoffrey Yeah, he did this at Interlagos in Season 2 and totally demoralised us all…

    Awesome stuff, Steve!


    @electrolite Yeah. Now I don’t feel sad about finishing second to Steve in that race. I actually consider it a privilege…



    Well done mate. Loved the 20th to 1st Vid!


    Common Monsoon

    Final round of the Australian Formula Vee Championship coming up this weekend from Mallala, which is about an hour out of Adelaide in South Australia. Here’s how Stephen went last time out (watch in 1080p if your connection allows it for full effect)!


    Keith Collantine

    @commonmonsoon Can you stick to one video per post please otherwise the page won’t load.

Viewing 9 posts - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)

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