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    Friends, I’m planning to buy a new cell phone that I could use for following F1, including things like drivers’ lap times, gaps & actual positions during the race. I understand that iPhone is a popular solution but I guess there are other options, too. I don’t have much experience with mobile phones so I’d be thankful for any advices, reviews or stories about your personal experience.



    F1 Fanatic works well with iPhone, and it has the official F1 2009 videogame and loads of differant timing apps, including an official one. Kimi Raikonnen’s racing game and Caterham’s sponsor Angry Birds too. I like my iPhone as a gadget too, mainly thanks to the built in iPod! Although I’m sure you could get a lot of F1 stuff on the fantastic Samsung Galaxy.



    Gaps, Actual Positions and laptimes really come best through the official F1 app. I can’t think of a better app at the moment and that’s available on iOS (iPad/iPhone), BlackBerry (for what it’s worth – the BlackBerry version of the app is absolute rubbish. Not to mention F1fanatic is quite slow through the browser) and Android.

    So take your pick…

    Mind you I’m happy with the iOS version (I have an iPhone 4 – not 4S – and an iPad 3) but I don’t know anything about the Android version.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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