Minichamps F1 cars

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    Lucas Wilson

    Hi all,

    I am considering getting some. But I am put off by how expensive they are. Would it be a good investment as I am wondering if they could rise in value in a number of years?



    @full-throttle-f1 Model cars’ worth are often determined by external factors. If you look at sites such as eBay, a model in 1/18 scale of the 1998 Williams driven by Frentzen will go for considerably less than a 1998 Ferrari driven by Schumacher. This even goes for their ‘limited’ editions, if it’s a limited edition Verstappen 1/43 it has lost a lot more value than a limited edition WDC model.

    I don’t think they make good investments. I’ve been buying a fair share of ‘used’ models recently and looking back on my finances last year I realized I spent less than 200 euros on 12 1/18 models (most of which Hot Wheels, though) and 2 1/43 models (by Onyx). The models ranged from 1991 to 2006, where the most expensive of the bunch was the 2006 Schumacher Ferrari (although Hot Wheels models have even less fixity) which I bought for 25 euros.

    Of course, there are exceptions. The Minichamps (or Paul’s Model Art) 1/18 models that come in closed boxes (as opposed to the ‘showroom’ boxes) often hold their value, if the box is included. They’ve had a range of 1992/3 models in 1/18 with removable engine covers and noses which are still very expensive, or implicit limited models like the 1998 Ferrari with Towerwings. Models of ‘famous’ drivers often do well too; Senna, Schumacher, Prost, as well as famous teams; Ferrari, Lotus, McLaren.

    If you want to invest in model cars, F1 might not be the right way to go. Models by Kyosho or AutoArt are more likely to really retain their value.



    I used to have quite a lot of models. I cut back to only ones which are signed (which, circumstances permitting, I never intend to sell) and a few select others. I’ve kept the only F1 cars I had, which are 2 Minichamps Senna models, both with the full tobacco branding. Those seem to have certainly risen in value after looking on ebay. The price of diecast models has increased fairly significantly over the last 10 years, so picking something with historical significance which hasn’t been been produced too much might be a nice investment.



    One thing I did notice recently was the value of an AutoArt Bentley Speed 8. I was looking to get a signed one on ebay (Grand Prix Legends offered one years ago, but only just after I had got an unsigned one) if the price was acceptable to me and I could sell my unsigned one for a reasonable amount. Bit hard to tell because the winning car doesn’t come up very often, but the 2nd place car seems to regularly sell for double its original price as long as it isn’t damaged and includes the box.

    So that might agree with Nick’s assertion that non-F1 could be good.



    Minichamps 1/43 scale models make up the bulk of my small collection and I think they are great. Some of them may be worth something one day but I doubt they’ll ever become hyper valuable. I’ve chosen cars and drivers I love and I enjoy having them on display in my living room. It’s nice walking past the TG184 and Leyton House CG901 when you leave for work in the morning. :)

    Quality wise I think the Minichamps models are by far the best. They are very accurate and just seem to be a bit more true to life than the likes of Onyx and Spark, which don’t seem to always get the cars proportions and colours right. Price wise, as @matt90 mentioned, it all depends on which car/driver/scale combination you go for. Expect to pay way more (relatively speaking) for, for example, a Senna model than you would for its Berger equivalent.



    I figured I’d use my new arrival as an example. I got this Schumacher F300 for 30 euros. It came without the original box and has the old exhaust layout.

    If you go looking at a mint-condition Tower-wing version, you’re suddenly looking at 150-200 euros.

    In case you’re bored, take a look at the rest of my collection: It’d be cool to see other people’s collections as well!

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