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    “Oh no, polishboy808 has something to say again…”

    Well yes, I do, but this time its on something else. I started this thread as an apology for my outbursts lately on the forum, such as; flaming other users for no apparent reason, flaming other users for an apparent reason (still wrong), my ramblings about pointless things, and mostly for my (many) unfair accusations of bias. I know I have annoyed and bothered many of you with these bothersome claims and I would like to say sorry. I’m sorry to Keith for the many times I have accused this site of being heavily biased towards a certain driver or team, Im sorry to everyone who I annoyed on yesterdays roundup, and I’m sorry to everyone I blew up on in the forums, my rage during the bahrain discussion saw me explode on everyone for no real reason. I guess the lack of racing has made me angry, and so like everyone, I can’t wait til sunday!


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    Dan Thorn


    No worries mate, it happens to the best of us!


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    I can never disrespect someone being brave enough to do this, even though personally I never felt you owed us anything, so it’s all good.


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    sbl on tour


    dont think you have to apologise for anything, after all its a free country and if people dont agree, so be it,

    I sometimes put views on just to see what other peoples responses are…and wait for them to take the bait

    ps slegging off str aint one of them I may add!!!

    sblot- “follow only the.. ferrari”


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    @dan Thorn –

    No worries mate, it happens to the best of us!

    Not to me :P


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    Ned Flanders


    Hey, no one’s perfect. Sometimes I can go too far myself, it’s easy to lose your temper over tinternet. And credit to ya for having the goolies to apologise, that’s something that some fans are completely incapable of, no matter how far out of line they step…


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    ‘lack of racing made me angry’…. that’s the first time I’ve heard that reason on a forum :) I’m sure it happens to drivers etc.

    Dude, we’re all human. The fact that you recognise it, means you’re trying to do something about it, and that’s all most people care about :)

    I’m sure there are some wise saying we can adapt to forums like :

    ‘choose your battles carefully’ – ‘choose your comments carefully’

    ‘sometimes it wiser to say nothing at all’ – ‘sometimes it’s wiser to type nothing at all’

    and that famous one…

    ‘don’t talk to PM, it only makes him worse’ – ‘don’t talk to PM it only makes him worse’

    Just kidding PM!! :D


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    I can honestly say I haven’t noticed anything Polishboy esp as everyone got a little heated on the Bahrain discussion pretty much I think but we’re a passionate bunch. I don’t think you needed to apologise and personally I’ve never been offended by you but I respect the fact that if things have gone too far you’ve gone out of your way to say sorry.


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    @polishboy808 Takes a BIG man to apologise..

    .. which is why Bernie never does.

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