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Nicolas Hamilton

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    I saw an article a while ago about Lewis’s little brother racing in minor racing categories. I wanted to know where he’s actualy competing and how is he doing? Maybe somone is following his carrer and could tell me something. I would also like to know your oppinions about his career.

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    Ryan Williams

    He’s been racing in the Air Asia Clio Cup UK series for the last couple of years. A documentary about his first season is here:

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    Raced him once on an online sim, was the quickest driver by far, up to a second a lap quicker than other guys who race in real life too.

    Isn’t at the front in the Clio Cup, but it is a super competitive series and it’s a testament to the guy that he races at all with CP.

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    Wow, thanks for that video @ryanwilliams. Truly inspiring and seems like a genuinely lovely guy.

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    Ryan Williams thanks for the link Mate!

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    Having started racing in 2011, he has improved a lot. Going from the back of the field to mid grid has been impressive considering he has CP. He’s had a 9th place finish as his best so far. It’s not as if the competition in the Renault Clio Cup is bad when you see some of the drivers that are in there.

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    Yeah he’s not been too bad on the BTCC support card this last couple of years, considering the high levels of competition in the UK Renault Clio Cup. Although every race I see him in has usually ended in a collision or gravel trap. I guess I only ever catch the races on his off days!

    If you’re in the UK you can watch the races on ITV4. He races with the same helmet design as Lewis, but it’s metallic blue instead of yellow. He has Vodafone sponsorship too, which I’m guessing comes from the McLaren link.

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    @ajokay A few of his sponsors seem to come from McLaren/Lewis; Vodafone, Reebok and Tag Heuer.

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    Frain stermin

    More i know about Hamilton’s life…more i like him …i hope one day he will drive for Ferrari

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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