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    Just a joking question for Scribe

    after Ned Flanders mocking over the 4-4 draw with Newcastle I wondered did that hurt more or less than when Spurs drew 4-4 at the Emirates a few years back?




    I cant speak for other Gooners (or Scribe) but i wanted the world to swollow me up after loosing to Spurs at home earlier in the season, which is worse then drawing 4-4 with The Toon after being 4-0. So I wasnt that suprised we threw away a 0-4, ive supported the team long enough to get a feel for when these occasions will happen.

    The 4-4 with spurs was probably worse, cos it was against spurs. To me anyway,

    Sorry to highjack the question to Scribe…


    Ned Flanders

    I’m no Gooner but I think I’d prefer Newcastle to lose to Sunderland than throw a way a 4 goal lead. Although thankfully neither happen very often! Being a Newcastle fan isn’t always pleasant but at least it’s never boring!

    And on Arsenal- as brilliant as Wenger can be I think some of his decisions have been unfathomable. Why did he stick with Alumunia for so long when we all knew he wasn’t good enough? Why do his players always try to walk the ball into the net? Why do they always fluff their lines in big games? Why does he never make signings when the board admit the money is there to make them? And so on…



    I think Arsene Wenger would be a great international manager. The reason is he’s shown many times that he can work wonders with what he has, but at club level he hasn’t made the best choices when it comes to transfers except getting rid of dead wood (and then not replacing them very well). But give him a bunch of players and he can work magic with them.



    I agree with SJM. THe spurs draw was worse, I count it as the second worse game I’ve ever experianced, just behind 2-3, which I experianced first hand.

    The thing about the Newcastle draw, was it felt like a freak, there was nothing we could do about the Tiote strike, the referee was behaving outrageously. Our holding midfeilder got sent off in understandable circumstances (not that he should have lost his temper) an our key defender walked off injured, ref gave away a ridiculous penalty, an was booking our players for being tackled. He even booked our keeper for being thrown to the floor by the kneck. RIDICULOUS.

    THe Spurs defeats felt terrible because we knew it was our fault, that it should never of happened, an the players and manager were to blame. The Newcastle draw, Phill Dowd, a wonderstrike, and some unfortunate injuries.

    Also, the pill was very much sweetened by the united loss, we keep the invincibles and our unbeaten record as something unique, Chelsea lost, wasn’t actually a bad weekend, weirdly.

    Wenger, has taken, what was a fairly reigonal club, albeit one capable of titles before the prem, made it one of the European elite, 5th richest club in the world, in contention for everything every year, he’s kept us in contention, even as we took on 400 million worth of debt to build our stadium. Sometimes he can be properly frustrating, we should have bought a defender this window, it was blindingly obvious then, an it’s very clear now. But the club is not about splashing out, when the financial fair play rules bite, an if they work, City, United, Chelski, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Internazionale an the list goes on, are going to have to take drastic measures to balance their books, or risk bans from Europe. We are going to be sitting very pretty.

    Personally, for the same reason Capello’s not been that good, Errikson wasn’t that good, and a few others, I don’t think Wenger would be a particularly good national coach, he’s a team builder and strategist, but he can be too slow to react, an too conservative tese days in his football thinking for a national job. AN YOU CAN’T HAVE HIM.

    tbh, I reckon ‘appy ‘arry would be better suited. Great tactical nouse, great man manager, knows how to alter his side to suit a situation.



    I wish he could juggle both jobs, Redknapp. Guss Hiddink did it with Russia and Chelsea and he’ll actually be managing a club in the same country with regular exposure to top domestic players, unlike Hiddink.


    sbl on tour

    the premiership, uh, just a load of over paid n…. boys running about, when the chips were down in south africa did they perform, did they….

    (we,re not brazil we,re norn iron)



    Scribe, if that 2-3 you mention was the game against Spurs this past year then i 100% agree, i was also there and wanted the ground to swallow me up. Words cant describe just how awful and small i felt going home afterwards.

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