RIP Marco Simoncelli

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    Prisoner Monkeys


    As there is no MotoGP subforum, this was the only place I could think to post there.

    Unfortunately, there has been another death in motorsports – MotoGP rider Marco Simoncelli has died of injuries sustained in a crash with Colin Edwards and Valentino Rossi at Sepang this afternoon:

    When Dan Wheldon died, his accident shook me. I didn’t really understand why until now. I wasn’t a fan of Wheldon, and I won’t insult his memory by claiming that I was. But I was – and still am – a fan of Marco Simoncelli. He had a real personality about him; he was exciting and quick, and he was a breath of fresh air compared to the likes of Casey Stoner. But mostly, I liked him because of his hair. I have never seen a racing driver with half as much hair as Marco, and it always amused me a little to wonder how he managed to fit it all in his helmet. Not knowing much about MotoGP at the time, it was just that one little element about him that made me support him before anyone else. It seemed silly at the time, but now it seems strangely important.

    He will be missed.


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    Martin Rasmussen


    Horrible. RIP Marco.


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    I would strongly agree with you on the hair-front there PM!

    As I said on your other post, I was flicking between them. I too was not a fan of Wheldon and was also shaken. I follow MotoGP more than Indy, mainly due to the availability of F-T-A coverage. A horrible-looking accident.

    Not sure how this will be approached, given recent events in the States. I can see a massive outcry against motorsports coming from certain quarters with an axe to grind. I think the advice from Joe Saward (like him or loathe him) is perhaps most useful here;


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    RIP Marco. Terrible accident. I really am in shock


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    Magnificent Geoffrey


    Marco Simoncelli was a fantastic character. He brought fun and laughter to the MotoGP paddock.

    It’s completely horrific to think about what the teams, the riders, the family, the friends of Marco are feeling right now. Make no mistake, we have all lost another member of our family today.

    Rest in Peace ‘Super Sic’.


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    Wow, saw him on the podium last week too. A great upcoming talent. RIP Marco.


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    @magnificent-geoffrey Here’s hoping you don’t need to add any more numbers to your display picture..


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    I haven’t seen the accident yet but from the sounds of it his helmet came off such was the force of the impact. I love Moto GP, almost as much as F1 and this has upset me more than Wheldon’s tragic death.

    Marco was a very exciting rider, I am really sad he is gone. RIP.


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    RIP Simoncelli

    Just like for Wheldon, I really don’t know what to say apart from best wishes to his family and that he will be sorely missed.


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    Force Maikel


    I am really shocked these things aren’t supposed to happen and certainly not in the same week, but life is life. My thought are with the family and Colin Edwards because he is going to have troubles getting back on the bike. Things like these change a man.


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    Ned Flanders


    I remember that terrible week back in July 2009 where first Henry Surtees was killed in F2 and then Felipe Massa was terribly injured in Hungary. On the weekend of Massa’s incident I was actually at the MotoGP at Donington, and I remember the fright I got every time I saw a rider fall and their bike disintegrate. I had grown up thinking that serious injuries and fatalities in motorsport were a thing of the past, and that week shattered that illusion.

    The last 7 days have usurped that week in my mind as the most shocking few days in motorsport I can remember. Seeing the Wheldon death was a huge bolt from the blue, a nasty shock. The Simoncelli news shocked me just as much, but already I’m beginning to come to terms with it.

    I suppose it’s finally beginning to dawn on me the inevitability that when you speed big hunks of metal around a racetrack at 200mph thinks will inevitably go wrong and people will die. The human body is very fragile. Perhaps the bigger surprise should be that it doesn’t happen more often?

    I think motorsport will take a lot of criticism in the next few days, and I fully understand that. It’s wrong for us fanatics to sit on our high horse looking down on people for daring to criticise something we love. If I was John Smith, the man on the street, I’d be asking why people are going out and losing their lives for our entertainment. And I bet there are plenty of sponsors out there who justifiably won’t want to be associated with these tragedies


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    This week, in the racing world, has been dogged by the most appalling of circumstances. We had Dan Wheldon’s tragic accident at Las Vegas, and now this, in my own backyard, claiming the life of Marco Simoncelli. I haven’t got anything more to say really. I hope we, as a community, learn all that we can from these tragic events.


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    Marco was probably going to be my MotoGP hero after Valentino. Since the start of the season I supported him and when he lost first place on some occasions I was very upset. It’s strange how until yesterday I saw his future of wins and World Drivers’ Titles, I predicted him to become a great in MotoGP history. His untimely death leaves me shockedand speechless. Looking at his crash it’s clear he had no hopes of survival, his helmet also came loose, but I’m not wondering how he died with that crash, but why he died in general.
    After Tomizawa’s death I considered not watching MotoGP anymore, I didn’t want to witness a death of a person, but I continued. This morning I woke up after the race, and turned the TV on. The presenter of the MotoGP program was talking about him and then he said “our thoughts are with his family”. I couldn’t believe what he had said, I immediately acknowledged he had passed away.
    I wanted to hurry on my PC to see whether he was actually dead, but what I saw took my breath away.
    I saw the incident on YouTube and you could see Edwards knew what “he” had done and he was probably the first to realise Marco was not going to make it.
    He was always so happy and confident, he never gave up despite losing good positions due to crashes at the start of the year: he stayed calm and improved, and his maiden win was not far away.
    R.I.P. Marco Simoncelli, 1987-2011.


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    RIP Marco, MotoGP will be all the poorer without you.


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    My one personal selfish saving grace about Dan Wheldon was that I never saw the crash. Today I did.

    Barely a week after one tragedy, we have another, so, so cruel development. I saw the helmet roll of on its own and then Marco lying face down on the tarmac and immediately thought the worst. Then it was reported he was conscious, but not for long. I guess either that was false or he slipped into a coma not long after.

    Minutes before, Marco was having an exciting battle with Bautista, doing the thing he loved most and the thing he did best, only to fall off and cruel chance bring him into the path of Colin Edwards. My thoughts go to him also. That is the Simoncelli I will always remember.

    Buona notte, Marco.

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