What would your ultimate road car be?

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    2012 Nissan GT-R & Ferrari 458 for the weekends and a Volkswagen Golf R as my weekday car.



    The BMW M5 Touring would be everything Ii wanted in a car.
    If I could have an oldie it would have to be 330 SL gullwing or a Bristol 401. I love the looks of both of those cars.



    Hyper Car – Mossler MT900
    Super Car – Ferrari 458 Italia Spyder (Its looks make up for it being a convertible) or Nissan GT-R
    Daily Driver – Cadillac CTS-V Wagon

    All, of course, in manual. And the CTS-V has to be the wagon, just cause its so awesome (Yes, I just called a wagon awesome).



    Sorry, edit isn’t working so I’ll add my classic car here too.

    Classic Car – Alfa Romeo Montreal (Must be in red)



    My all time favourite car is the Fiat 500 so that will be in the list which I want to use everday. Nissan GTR & the 458 won’t be the bad but the new car I am now falling in love is Alfa 4C



    I had a thread like this once but with illigal roadcars (racingcars) too. I’ll show you some video’s from the cars which you may not know…

    If I hjad the money, I would go for the new lexus LFA or the maserati grantourismo S. These cars have such a beautifull noise and that’s not all of it. These cars are going around the 300km/h I can’t do anything with a veyron or an SCC aero TT which go around 400 or even a lambo which goes around 350 because I live in Belgium and in Belgium it’s illigal to do it anywhere else but the tracks of course… Collor would be silver or Black. LFA:

    If I didn’t had the money, which is more realistic, I would go for the Volkswagen Scirocco. The ones you saw at the ROC are the R type, but that’s too expensive. Collor would be Bordoux or how do you call it? Verry dark red?

    My racing car would be the RB7 ofcourse but other then this I would go for the Lambo murciélago LP670-4 R-SV: . even if it only is for a day that I may use him. I would just go for it. The sound of that car is saying enough!

    Btw: check this list out to know the fastest car in the world: (I won’t go for the bugatti, it’s too ugly, I would love to have the Agera, it’s fast enough for me and the looks are stunning, but that’s just personal)



    ow and an old timer, Jaguar E-type



    Nissan 350z, simple but beautiful.



    I agree with @icthyes, sod supercars! Hot hatches are way more fun and you can have 4 of your mates along for the ride too! That’s why I haven’t ditched mine for a 2 door coupe yet!

    BUT back to the topic…it has to be the Aston Martin DB9 for me, it’s just so perfect in everyway. And while we are at it I’d have a Lotus Exige too…just for larking about in!



    I’d love to have a Lamborghini Aventador in my garage with it’s big V12.
    Also a Ferrari 458 Italia which I think is probably one of the sexiest and best looking cars ever built, closely followed by the beautiful Aston Martin One-77.
    Other cars I’d like in my huge imaginary garage are:
    -Koeningsegg Agera
    -Pagani Zonda Cinque
    -McLaren F1
    -Ferrari Enzo
    -Hennessey Venom GT
    -Gumpert Apollo
    -Zenvo ST1
    -McLaren MP4-12c
    -Lamborghini Gallardo
    -Aston Martin DBS
    -Mercedes SLS AMG
    -Ford GT-X1
    -Lexus LFA
    -Nissan GTR
    I’m also a big Lotus fan, I love the Exige and the Evora.
    As an oldie I’d have to agree with Ob1kenobi.23 and choose the Merc 330SL Gullwing.
    One car that I hate, no matter how well it performs is the Bugatti Veyron.
    I don’t care how fast it is, looks are very important and it’s unfortunately one of the ugliest cars I’ve seen.



    Not sure about that link, Phil, seems to be missing some cars despite managing to fit 15 cars into a top 10… What is the list actually meant to be? It says it’s only for 2010-11 cars still in production and only for tested top speeds, but doesn’t do either. Why does it have a McLaren F1 but no Veyron (standard), for example?


    Adam Tate

    Mmmm, at first I thought this was a design your ultimate road car; if I did that I’d go for 2.0 liters, 200 hp, 2000 lbs. curb weight. 40 mpg. That’s my idea of real world perfect.

    Dream cars: Viper GTS, Ferrari 250GT SWB, Jaguar XK-120, and a few more.

    I just picked up a Mazda MX-5 on the last day of the year, it’s my daily driver and a dream come true, so I must add that to the list :)



    There’s some really beautiful cars around at the moment.
    The Merc SLS AMG, Ferrari 458 Italia and Aston Martin DBS are just so beautiful.
    If the choice was based on looks alone, it would be really tough choosing between these three!
    If I had only 200k to spend (only ;) ) it would be a really tough decision between the Merc and the Ferrari – both are just so damn sexy!



    @pinkmaggit If it was me Id go for the Merc.

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