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Rossi’s posture


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    Avatar of Aish Heydrich
    Aish Heydrich

    I noticed it years back of course, but I couldn’t get around to substantiate my doubts, but does Valentino Rossi have a back problem because he is a really hunched back, at least when he wears normal clothes he looks to have a really out of shape crooked back which might need serious medical attention. Do other riders have the same posture when they’re not riding?

    I understand that one acquires such posture due to prolonged practice sessions on such a bike, but isn’t it unhealthy?

    Avatar of safeeuropeanhome

    Good one. You must be trolling here, there is no way you can mistake the back protector that all of the riders wear to protect their spine as some sort of medical condition. Either that or the grid is full of hunchbacks. Who knows.

    Avatar of David-A

    Also, they’re a bunch of cyclopses with large, shiny, multi-coloured heads.

    Avatar of Aish Heydrich
    Aish Heydrich

    @safeeuropeanhome: Lol no I’m not trolling. You need to google normal pictures of him, I clearly mentioned normal clothes and not racing gear. Of course I have noticed their gears and that protection, but I saw him in Oz GP, a lot of years back, he was wearing normal civilian clothes, no gears, and he still looked abnormal, skinny, and bent.
    …on driving a ferrari.
    No, seriously, he is hunchbacked.

    Avatar of Aish Heydrich
    Aish Heydrich
    Avatar of Keith Collantine
    Keith Collantine

    @Aish can you continue this in the Moto GP forum please:

    Moto GP

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