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Summer break

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    Avatar of Little_M_Lo

    Still 2 weeks until the Belgian GP at Spa, what have you been doing to cope with such lengthy breaks between the German, Hungarian and Belgian Grand Prix

    Avatar of the_sigman

    I have been watching some races from the past and I watch some other sports, like athletics or swimming.

    Avatar of Saints

    Watching old races on YouTube, season reviews etc. Currently reading a book about Michael Schumacher

    Avatar of Carlitox

    I don’t need to cope with the break. I have university. I have to cope with the season ;)

    Nah seriously now, I watch other series. I’m really fond of NASCAR. Anything I can get is fine. Last week I got to watch some french Rallycross and that was some fine crazy racing!!

    Avatar of Deej92

    I’ve been watching other series, like the BTCC, DTM and WRC, and the football season has now started, so it hasn’t been too bad. I can’t wait for the Belgian GP now though.

    Avatar of Max Jacobson
    Max Jacobson

    Making a “time, machine” and plotting to steal Austin Power’s mojo.

    Avatar of Stefan Kelly
    Stefan Kelly

    i have got through the F1 2007 and 2008 reviews. So gutted for Massa in ’08

    Avatar of Lucas Wilson
    Lucas Wilson

    Got nothing really. Just waiting. Fortunately I have other interests :-)

    Avatar of JackySteeg

    I’ve been getting my racing fix from the USA. Always been an avid fan of IndyCars and I’ve also recently gotten into the ALMS, which is simply awesome. NASCAR is something I like to watch during F1′s “downtime” as well. The race at Watkins Glen is, IMO, one of the best races on the global motorsports calendar.

    Avatar of Little_M_Lo

    well, it is certainly about time F1 is back! I live in Australia so I can’t watch all these NASCAR, Indycar, and BTCC at a reasonable time due to the timezones and broadcasting, had to go about watching dull replays online. thank god its over

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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