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    For those who have been living under a rock for the past few days, fairly large riots have broken out across major cities in England.

    Large scale looting, burnt out cars and buildings left in ruin.

    The police have had to deal with it, with all the restrictions that prevent them from hurting the offenders too much. Lots of arrests have been made.

    From what I know the riots are for no good reason at all.

    This may seem off topic a bit, but let’s say the British GP was on this weekend.

    Would people on this forum be as quick to want a cancellation as they were in the case of Bahrain?



    The Government of Britain doesn’t use tanks



    The people “rioting” are thugs out to loot shops and looking for trouble just to get their kicks. The people who were getting killed and arrested because of their religious sects in Bahrain were peacefull citizens wanting to improve their lives…. wheres the similarities?

    Would it have made a difference to the race? who knows.



    There’s no political statement, it’s just mindless and despicable violence. As it isn’t political there would be no danger of the rioters using the GP to cause trouble- as they have no message to send, and they only go out when there aren’t people around (rather unlike the GP). Also, the government isn’t killing and torturing the rioters at will. Also, Silverstone is an isolated enough location it’d be fine. I believe France saw riots a couple of years ago. Were a GP on in France then it wouldn’t be a problem. Bahrain was a different situation completely.



    I just hope things turns good for the country & all the F1F people I know leaves there stays out of trouble.



    I think those people are too violent, they pose too high of a threat to the F1 circus and therefore for the next 5 years until they learn their lesson we shouldn’t have a British GP. They could do millions in damages to the cars and equipment, and they can really hurt (or even kill…) the drivers and crew. It doesn’t seem like Britain is a safe enough place to host a grand prix anymore, so we should avoid it at all costs. This is just tragic :'(

    In all seriousness though that is unfortunate that a bunch of stupid kids have decided to go on a rampage. Although technically they have a point (That man that was killed really shouldn’t have been shot, no matter what he did in the past they had no basis for shooting him….) they should have found a better way to react and express they’re feelings. It really is saddening that they chose to destroy buildings and ruin so much, but the Police are in the wrong here too.



    polishboy – Although technically they have a point(That man that was killed really shouldn’t have been shot, no matter what he did in the past they had no basis for shooting him….)

    You were there were you? You know this to be fact? It is this stupid jumping to conclusions that causes the problem in the first place. It is very sad when someone gets killed no matter what the circumstances, but occasionally it will be necessary and it will happen. On this occasion, who knows? Not us; the investigation is ongoing and details have quite rightly not been released while it is ongoing. So stop speculating on the rights and wrongs on what happened there until we know.

    As for the rioting, it has nothing to do with the shooting whatsoever, it is not a protest. The scum have simply realised if they all go shoplifting together en mass the authorities have trouble dealing with it because of the numbers involved. They are not trying to make a point, they are just stealing stuff for personal gain and smashing stuff up for fun. Do not make a single excuse for them.



    I’ve heard about some youths feel that adults don’t respect them, thus the reason why they are rioting, though I doubt that is the main reason why they’re rioting. If they wanted respect, there is no way they will get it by rioting.



    They seem to just be making up ‘reasons’, the shooting, adults not respecting them, not having enough job opportunities. Yeah, because an employer will really want to employ someone who’s been smashing stuff, setting fire to buildings and looting shops.



    Back on track…

    If there was an F1 race this weekend

    would it be right to hold it in Britain?



    They aren’t rioting because of the shot man. They jumped on that excuse when a scuffle broke out, and when they realised that in force they could get away with anything they decided they may as well make the most of it. There is no reason other than for fun or greed when robbing.

    Yes it should still be held. If people stayed inside at night in cities they’d be fine, and Silverstone itself isn’t exactly a metropolis- there wouldn’t be any trouble there.



    I think the rioting is an utter disgrace, there’s no two ways about it. They aren’t rioting because of the shot man, and no-one really knows why they are rioting. As a 15-year old myself, I can’t believe that people of my age and above would want to do this.



    If there was a reason people would be rioting and smashing up everything. Instead it’s only Currys, Carphone Warehouse, Foot locker etc. that are being looted. Waterstones was left unscathed.



    I was in tottenham high road on the night. A store i’m responsible for got burned to the ground and then my car got smashed up… not happy



    I’d also like to point out one excuse I heard a bunch of rioters on the news say- they were smashing up the corner shops (things like newsagents, the owners of which are not exactly known for their vast wealth) because ‘they are people who are rich cos they own their own businesses.’ Some of these people may have been coerced into it. But the majority of people are just thick, and/or have a huge disregard for other people. Off topic rant over.

    Edit: I’m not surprised they left Waterstones alone, but then again they’ve also looted (or more likely gone for the till) charity shops and carpet shops.

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