The F1 Fanatic Tour 2011


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    Keith Collantine


    I went to the Formula Ford Festival at Brands Hatch last weekend and it got me thinking about arranging a series of F1 Fanatic meet-ups at race tracks in 2010.

    It could take place on non-F1 race weekends at a variety of different race meetings around the country: from international series to club events.

    What do you think of the idea? What races could we include? Would you be interested in coming along? Share your thoughts below.


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    I’d definitely be up for it. I’ve been meaning to do somethin like that for a long time. Although my problem is that I ain’t ever been to any races in England (or in any country for that matter…).

    I’ll go with the flow on this one. I’ll trust that other Fanatics on here will know where to go. I’ll keep tabs on this thread anyway, so you can count me in wherever they happen to be. It’ll be the perfect excuse to show off my F1 Fanatic t-shirt aswell… :)

    Lookin forward to it already. :D


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    I would be up for it, closest decent track to me would probably be Silverstone i guess?


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    Well of course I’ll be up for many events, Oulton park is closest and has good racing there, Donington Park is fairly close as well


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    Fer no.65


    :( i wish i could go to UK!


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    I wish the meet up could have been in Bangladesh!


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    Wow, too bad I live in the US. And im 14….


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    I go to the Aussie GP every year, been meeting up with friends made online there for ages. It’s great to put names to faces and if there’s any aussies here, feel free to contact me for places we catch up, it’s always a great weekend.

    Incidently I went to monza this year, would have been good to have some racing people with me but had fun anyway… might make it to Singapore next year if there’s anything there!


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    I’d be up for that! I think Silverstone is probably my closest track geographically, but shamefully I’ve never been.


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    Red Andy


    The August bank holiday weekend is a busy one for most, but I reckon the Oulton Park Gold Cup is a good shout for a meeting.


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    British Touring Cars is an event I’ve been to a few times and you generally get good racing in that series :) And its affordable for everyone. Or even as high as the British GP (F1)?


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    If I could go to the UK, believe I would go.


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    I think this is a great idea, I often want to go to race weekends but all my friends (except one) are not really into motorsport so I either end up either going by myself or as more often happens simply not going at all.

    British Touring Cars is an event I’ve been to a few times and you generally get good racing in that series

    The access to drivers/pits/machinery is also very good at the BTCC events I have been to, and there are lots of support races to watch too.

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