What is your gaming level ?

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    So as the title suggests, what is your gaming level , easy,hard,expert etc.

    And what assists do you run ?.

    For me I play in hard mode, but with medium traction, automatic gears and abs, so really im playing rookie assists :P.


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    Magnificent Geoffrey


    Maybe we need to set up a small mini-forum for all the F1 2010 discussion, to save us from overloading Keith’s forum with gaming stuff everywhere.

    To answer your question, Expert with no assists.


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    iRacing. No assists.


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    Expert with no assists except racing line in practice on tracks that I haven’t played on before. About 20 minutes of practice is enough to remember braking points and flat-out corners. After that, it’s just about trying to push the envelope.

    And lol. Rfactor, no assists.


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    Expert, no assists, won at Monza in a Force India by 35 seconds.


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    Expert. Full TC.


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    Ned Flanders


    I’m not particularly good and I don’t seem to have the concentration required to keep the car on the track for more than a few corners at a time, so I have full TC, relaxed rules (so I don’t keep getting penalised for mssing the apexes of corners slightly as I often do), racing line, maximum flashbacks and AI on intermediate. Considering moving up a bit now that I’m able to win races for Williams…


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    I use Expert.

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