What's the thing protruding from an F3 car?

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    Jet engine? Naaah, RaaaAAAMJET! When you go fast enough the kerosene stored in the “glob” ignites providing an extra hundred miles an hour on the straights, however, to keep the boost going round corners, the drivers can either, touch their left ear with their right toe, turn their car right, very fast, at a 90 degree angle to trick it into thinking your approaching “the speed” or pay $2,000 into the “Bernie slot”.

    It also stores kinetic energy to keep F3 green, who knew? :)



    Ned, you broke F1Fanatic!

    Scribe, I think it might also be the Eduardo engine, because it enables you to dive down the inside much better.

    Erm… desperately trying to keep this on-topic…why do F3 engines need it and F1 engines don’t?



    Icthyes, its to make the racing more about the drivers skill (and setup ability) then winning in a car thats heads & sholders better then the rest of the grid. Its in the site linked by RIISE



    Hmm sort of like adjustable restrictor plates then?

    If it is to equalise the engines, is race control then responsible for setting the airflow on the torpedo?



    Those torpedo things are a variant of the DRS system.

    In the same way as the following driver is allowed to use the DRS to help him pass his opponent, the torpedo can be used to blow the following drivers opponent to smithereens, therefore making it much easier for the following driver to pass. Much, much easier.

    Simples. :D



    who supplies the vw engines? porsche? i know mb race engines come from the former ilmor shop, and mugen is almost-but-not-quite honda.


    Stephen Jones

    itsa firin its lazor!



    Weal Itchyes, at least the technologies based on something that fulfills it’s basic function, I imagine the Spudpod’s depressing lack of… goals makes that sort of thing a long distant memory :p an whats that? 4-0 out of their depth and the competition for the forseable future?

    Aaah I’m sorry, bad night to try the football taunt mate :) fun while it lasted? Gd luck on the return tie, beating Barcelona seems a long time ago but it felt so good at the time, still at least we get some of our bragging rights back, an remember this is how it’s done:

    (off topic but it says not F1 up top so you can’t kill me please :) )



    Hey guys, what’s going on in this thre…

    What the heck?



    Indeedy, won’t pretend last month hasn’t hurt but some supporters logic for you here.

    Arsenal 2-1 Barcelona 5-0 Real Madrid 4-0 Sp*rs.

    An we beat then in the Bernabeau, an I’d have like to have seen what Barcalona could have done to your shower, we lost to a better team with better players less badly, an we scored, despite it being our second string last year. An we’re still in the competition next year, with a squad that’s not going to criple us in our current stadium. Whatever, no need for the venom, just happy your still in our shadow, despite the last few years of pain, we’ll always have that.

    An I’m sorry you didn’t have fun during your 1st EVER UEFA CL QF. We didn’t enjoy our FINAL much afterwards either.




    They are simply the air intakes for the engine. F1 cars have them above the drivers head in the roll hoop and F3 cars have them sticking out the side of the engine cover.


    Russell Gould

    Y’all are wrong.

    That special gizmo mounted on the cars? As the GP3 cars drive around the track, they’re engerized, using subspace cash removal technology to suck all monies from from spectators’ wallets, directly transferring it all to Mr. E’s account. And it’s all done at a modest exchange rate.

    We’ve got to pay for that new track in Austin somehow? ;-)

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