Which Circuit Do You Prefer?

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    ching ho

    Dear F1 Fans,

    You have just entered a topic used for data collection in order to collect information for a project I am completing. Fortunately, all I need from you is a simple decision, and a short explanation. The question is as follows:
    Which of the below tracks do you like better?
    A)Circuit de Monaco (Monaco)
    B)Marina Bay Circuit (Singapore)
    C)Guia Circuit (Macau)

    Thanks for your valuable input.



    Do you mean of beauty, excitement while watching, difficulty leavel?



    Interesting options, I actually had to think about it for a while. Listing these in order of preference:
    A) Monaco has a great location, usually nice weather and a strong vibe to the weekend. The track is very historic and characterful and has a lot of enigmatic corners (Piscine and Massenet to name two). On the downside it is very narrow and the kinks and curves make it difficult to overtake

    C) Macau doesn’t have the greatest location, but the track is the best of the three in my opinion. It combines a tight and tricky monaco-style section with a wide, long, straight section of Singapore. It’s difficult to judge any more as F1 doesn’t go there (for good reason, the safety isn’t up to F1 standards).

    B) Singapore has a great location and a good vibe on race weekend, but the track leaves something to be desired. It’s not the worst modern street track but it suffers from too many right-angle bends and the turn 10 chicane is an annoyance. It generally lacks the stand out features of Macau or Monaco, probably in part due to the ordered nature of the streets and in part due to the lack of elevation.


    ching ho

    @sigman1998 Include all aspects of the track.



    Macau then, a little bit of green, wide at places, tight at others, sea, very nice track overall.



    A) Macau I enjoy driving around there in Race 07, the high speed Mandarin corner is exciting and the rest of the track is relatively quick. The Melco hairpin is slow and it’s not an overtaking spot but it’s satisfying to get right. The location isn’t exactly great but there’s still entertainment nearby.

    B) Monaco The location and climate are excellent. The track has some good sections, Beau Rivage through to Casino Square, the tunnel and the swimming pool. Overall though there are too many stop-start sections for my liking and there are not many places to overtake.

    C) Singapore It doesn’t really do anything for me, it doesn’t seem to be much more than a collection of 90 degree corners. The fact the track is so wide makes it feel like it’s not a proper street circuit, there’s not really much more I can say than that.



    Has to be Monaco for me. I love watching cars threading their way through their, and it’s even better knowing that cars from across history have driven round the same corners. One of the very few places in the world where watching an onboard pole lap from Senna is equally impressive now as it was when he first did it.

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