Your cheesy Grand Prix winning celebration…

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    So you’ve won the race and cruised back into Parc Ferme to the cheers of the crowd. You remove the steering wheel, climb out onto the nose of your race-winning machine, face the photgraphers and….

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    That’s a tough one! I would probably do something instinctive – but I don’t know what it would be as I have never won a Grand Prix! F1 drivers have enough to worry about; now this?! :P

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    Waggle my index finger around.

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    Dan Thorn

    Do the ‘knee knocking’ that’s part of the Charleston dance. Used to do it all the time as a kid.

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    Do the moonwalk on the nose of the car.

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    I’m very unoriginal, so atm whenever we go karting and I win a tough heat I do the Alonso hand thingy on the inlap.

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    Ned Flanders

    Well when Vettel won at the weekend I kind of fell to my knees and did this sort of high pitched giggle and punched the air a bit.

    But, if I was to actually win a race myself, I’d jump onto the nose of the car and start breakdancing. I’d then do a backflip straight up onto the podium, neck my bottle of champagne in one and then disapear off with one of the grid girls. That’s just how I roll

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    Prisoner Monkeys

    I have to do it in dead silence since the races are on so late and I don’t want to disturb anyone on my floor.

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    I’d like to do a different celebration each time, but I’d always include a bow as a trademark.

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    Stand up with my arms up to air and stay still, to enjoy the sensation. Then jump down the car and to this:

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    it would have to be the running man down the nose of the car mixed with a little crowd surfing ontop of the mechanics

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    Ned Flanders

    I was never a huge fan of the Fresh Prince but I love that dancing!

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    Something from Caberet. The can can, maybe, with my teamate.

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    Ned Flanders

    Never mind race winning celebrations. Before the race I’d do the Techno Viking dance to intimidate my opponents. Imagine watching Brundle’s walk when you see me walking up the grid doing this:

    (It’d be like the F1 equivilant of the haka)

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