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    Stephen Jones


    i kind like it! satisfies my need for F1, while looking “arty” and “hip”


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    I have a slideshow of 67 photos of F1 Ferraris. I’m considering changing it to many photos of the whole of F1 because I find wonderful photos from other teams.

    Currently I have:

    1958 – Mike Hawthorn

    1961 – Phil Hill

    1970 – Mario Andretti

    1973 – Arturo Merzario

    1975 – Niki Lauda

    1978 – Gilles Villeneuve

    1981 – Gilles Villeneuve

    1986 – Stefan Johansson

    1989 – Nigel Mansell

    1990 – Alain Prost

    1996 – Michael Schumacher

    1997 – Michael Schumacher

    2004 – Michael Schumacher

    2005 – Rubens Barrichello

    2006 – Felipe Massa, Kimi Raikkonen

    2008 – Felipe Massa (x5), Luca Badoer (x2)

    2009 – Felipe Massa, Kimi Raikkonen (x5), Luca Badoer (x7), Giancarlo Fisichella

    2010 – Felipe Massa (x4), Fernando Alonso (x8), Felipe Massa & Fernando Alonso (x2), Felipe Massa & Fernando Alonso & Luca Badoer, Jules Bianchi

    2011 – Fernando Alonso (x4), Felipe Massa (x10)


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    Mine is Valentino Rossi, no link sorry.


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    Alianora La Canta


    TrueF1Grit, congratulations to your brother for doing so well in his karting :)

    My desktop wallpaper is a blue linear geometric pattern. It came with Windows and is called “Crystal”. It sounds boring, but it’s peaceful and doesn’t lead to me staring at the screen for 30 minutes before getting anything done (a motorsport-related desktop wallpaper would carry that risk in my case).

    My PDA’s wallpaper is not so limited because the screen is so small. It’s got a version of Bruno Mantovani’s “Fisico na Ferrari” picture, but with a recoloured background and slightly different lighting effects so that it was usable with the PDA’s theme.

    Tangentially, my desktop screensaver is a Force India one from Belgium 2009.


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    Until Sunday I’d had this picture up to remind me of the days when Alonso would not just be known as the best driver, he’d get WDCs as well.

    But since Sunday I’ve changed it to this one


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    Fer no.65


    Wonder what Keith has as wallpaper!


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    I usually have some picture of my favourite driver Heikki Kovalainen as my wallpaper. At the moment I am having this one:×1024.jpg

    I have lately been using pictures with a small Lotus car vs large background on them.


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    Currently it’s a floor shot of Nico Rosberg around Valencia. Nabbed from this site of course.

    Oh and Kubica’s R30 on my phone.


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    Keith’s pics are unfortunately too small for my desktop (1920×1200), so currently I’ve got this one


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    For a while I had Sauber’s Christmas pic as my wallpaper, which was their C30 with snowchains on in a snowy background.

    Speaking of C30’s, that Polestar is awesome. If I had the money, I would totally commission one :D Wonder why Volvo didn’t sue Sauber for their car-name. Although, upon reflection, Ford had already sold the Volvo brand to Geely by the time this season started :p


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    I made an F1-related wallpaper expecting a topic like this to come up, so then I could post my wallpaper. But then yesterday I changed it, I didn’t see this topic.

    Here is the picture I had as my wallpaper


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    My favourite corner and my favourite ever f1 livery.


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    Here’s my current wallpaper. I live in Adelaide(or closest to), home of… :)

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