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    Hey all, I was just wondering if there are any F1Fanatics out on YouTube? If you are a YouTuber, what is your channel, and do you upload any vids?

    On my YouTube channel, I upload gaming videos, and my channel is Is there any other F1Fanatics that do gaming vids, or nay vids whatsoever?

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    I have uploaded Fernando Alonso’s Fiat 500 ad in Italian, English, French, Spanish and German as well as a battle in GP2 between Bianchi and Vietoris during the British Feature Race (for now).

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    Ahhh, the terribly dubbed Fiat ads… what were they thinking? I uploaded a commentary this morning regarding the F1 to Sky situation, with F1 2010 gameplay… basically we just venting my anger :)

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    I have my own youtube channel

    I’ve got a few videos from Silverstone last year watching the British F3 at the then-new arena loop. All that is mixed in with the odd video I made for uni work, etc.

    Then there’s

    Which is the account for the online racing club I’ve ended up running along with several other guys from this very forum. On there you’ll find race highlights, crashes and incidents from our online races, which so far have all been on Forza Motorsport 3, although we’re starting an F1 2011 championship once the game is released.

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    Dan Thorn

    I have one, but it’s mainly filled with clips of me and my friends larking around drunk so I won’t waste anyone’s time by linking you to it!

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    Are you kidding Dan, we’d love to see that!

    Yeh, I have one. I only have 4 videos, two are from a gig I went to and one is one of those Hitler Downfall parodies. The 4th one is too, some of you may have seen it before:

    Maybe one day I’ll post some more things!

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    Mines mostly me playing F1 99 and rollercoaster tycoon.

    I would like to do more than those

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    Participant – A few comedy F1 videos I’ve done.

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    Dan Thorn

    Fine, Icthyes, but don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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