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Crowd control in rallying

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    Keith Collantine

    Here’s a picture from a recent rally that’s likely to provoke some debate over crowd control:


    Prisoner Monkeys

    I remember the bad old days of the 1980s, when the stages used to be packed and the crowds would taunt the cars like matadors before a bull. It was especially bad in Portugal. I’m sure more than one person lost a finger to an air intake of a speeding rally car that they tried to touch.

    Honestly, I’m surprised that this sort of stuff still happens, and doubly so at the highest level of competition. The (handful of) local rallies that I have been to have organised their spectator areas on a level with the safety measures the organisers of Rally Australia took when I visited back in 2005.



    Don’t drink and spectate!



    inside of the corner. nothing wrong IMO.
    if they were standing in the same place we wouldnt be complaining.


    We would be complaining. A driver could make a mistake or lose control and we’d have a tragedy on our hands.

    Totally unacceptable to put drivers in that position where a mistake could leave them traumatised for the rest of their lives just for your stupid amusement.



    Is the positioning itself the problem? I have seen people so close to the tracks many times and I thought it was custom to do so, but facing the car at least gives you the time to try and run away in case somethign happens.
    These fools don’t even care about their lives, or don’t even think they are at risk, which is plain stupid. I’m always surprised and saddened by how little wisdom some people have. What to do? Call them off like kids? Probably, they should receive some sort of fine as well.




    There’s a very fine line between being extremely brave and being extremely stupid.



    An appaling image, there is no place in motorsport for that kind of idiocy.

    If the driver and co-driver of that Polo had decided during the recce that they could cut that bend (which actually looks possible from the image) those 6 guys would be 6 feet under right now.



    Τhis must be from my country, I hope they are just the exception but I’m afraid most people behave like that. Unfortunate.



    Look at the start of the video. Afan nearly gets run over by Al Rajhi in Rally Finland, maybe the most experienced rally in the world.



    This fan is extremely stupid in two ways:
    1. He is standing on the outside of the corner in the middle of the runoff area, therefore ignoring the boundaries of where the spectators are allowed to stand
    2. He is running away in the same direction the car is going, junp right and there is no problem.

    The driver of the car isn’t too bright either, but that is probably because of adrenaline.

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