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Red Bull to become WRC promoter?

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    Report from

    Hopefully they will attract a new audience to the WRC if they’re successful. I’d be interested to see exactly how they’re going to promote things.


    Keith Collantine

    I think it would be an excellent fit with Red Bull’s extreme sports-orientated marketing.

    But would it be a conflict of interest for them to promote the series as well as sponsoring some of the competitors?


    Prisoner Monkeys

    @keithcollantine – Not at all. The promoter’s role in the sport is largely to advertise the rallies. They secure broadcast deals, arrange public relations for the category and generally bind everything together so there is consistency from event to event. There is no real cross-over between sponsors and promoters.

    Besides, there are rumours that Nasser al-Attiyah is on the verge of buying the Citroen works team to expand the Qatar team.



    It probably doesn’t look good on paper to have the promoter sponsoring teams but I guess the two are separate entities. I’m just curious what they could do with regards to taking the sport up a gear, particularly with how they engage with the fans. This year has been a bit of a write-off for the whole WRC but the televised Power Stage ought to be brought back as well as having extended highlights available and some organisation with World Rally Radio.



    The sponsorship money and the race promotion originate from two areas of the company. In other words, Red Bull Media House would be the promoter, sponsorship money comes directly from Red Bull or one of their national subsidiaries.

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