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Which car should Zengő choose?

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    The Zengő team uploads 3-4 videos on a race weekend. After the weekend in Suzuka, a few questions have been raised. At the end of one video a Honda representative approaches Zengő and says: We have something to talk about. After a few days another video is uploaded in which the team principal speaks his mind about their options regarding next years car. There are three options: stay with BMW, change to Honda or Chevy.

    In his view, the BMW still has some potential, but without factory upgrades they cant guarantee that the team will stay competitive.

    The Chevy will leave the sport next year, but right now they are lightyears ahead of any brand, and there is still a long time until the cars reach the state that BMW is in now.

    The Honda has just entered the series, so their car is not competitive enough just yet, but it will hang around for a long time, which suggest regular facory upgrades.

    Michelisz said, he loves this car, he loves to drive this car, and he thinks it still has potential to be competitive next year, and that the factory will start working on the WTCC project again.

    The main problems are:
    1) The last two years the team got to know the car realy well, but there is a limit without factory upgrades, which they will reach in a short time while other teams might get better with other cars.

    2) If they buy a new car, they would need a lot of time to get the same amount of knowledge of the machine, as of the BMW.

    3) Buying a new car is not easy on the wallet, and as Zengő said: any parts to the Honda or the Chevy costs at least twice as mutch.

    4) Now they have two cars but dont have enough money to race two drivers all season long, but if they change the car, it is not granted that they can buy two.

    Opinions? Which car should they race next year and why?



    I would stick with the BMW for another year and then consider changing it for 2014 when there may be more cars to choose from. The BMW should be reasonably competitive for next year with the works Chevrolet effort ending and the Honda being built to tighter regulations, effectively pegging it back a bit.

    The older cars still have plenty of potential, after all Munnich Motorsport are in the process of buying three SEAT Leons. Speaking of which, will we see the next generation Leon as an S2000 car next year with support from SEAT?



    Yeah, I would do the same if I could get the same deal for Honda next year, but if the Honda achieves good results next season Im pretty sure the prices will go up.
    Im not sure about SEAT, because I dont know mutch about them.



    If one of the SEAT teams is selling their cars then either the Lukoil team is being disbanded or one of them is getting new cars? Likely to be the former with Tarquini off to Honda and Dudukalo likely to be heading to Lada.

    SEAT have been considering returning as a works entry for much of the year, there’s still enough time for them to design and build a car for next season but I have a feeling if there was going to be an announcement, we would have heard it by now.

    Zengő may also be able to secure a Citroen satellite deal for 2014 if they come to the WTCC, I saw a quote somewhere from Sebastien Loeb recently which made it sound like it was going to happen. It depends what they’re going to enter, C4 or DS4 and the C5 or DS5 are the best candidates.



    Just to expand on the sale of SEAT Leons, the two Lukoil cars have been sold to Münnich Motorsport to be driven by Marc Basseng and Markus Winkelhock.

    OAK Racing are the leading contender for the Honda satellite deal.

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