F1 Fanatic Live: 2017 Australian Grand Prix

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  1. Imagine if Redbull get their act together and we could have 3(6) cars fighting for the win! That would be awesome! Even if the racing on track is not great, just this uncertainty is great for F1.

    1. I think it’s purely in response to the end of last year, nothing personal as they showed when he thanked the crowd for coming out. But I doubt they’d be booing if not for that.

  2. Why were there some boos when Bottas got on the podium?! Maybe the Hamilton fans didn’t like that he was so close to beating him. I think he got told to hold off. He may possibly have managed an overtake though.

    1. Te me it looked like Lewis was talking himself into feeling bad on them more than there being a real issue with the tyes. I also think all of them could have easily done the second stint on the SSofts and been a lot faster overall.

    1. I suspect that some teams/drivrs were saving the car, fuel, tyres etc far too much here. A bit like what we saw in 2010 in Bahrain where everyone expected it to be far harder to make to the finish than it turned out to be. Next race they sped up by quite a bit.

    1. I think the team made th mistake of listening to Lewis and bringing him in too soon after his complaining. Bottas clearly was a lot faster for the last stint, but seems to have been told to just hold position in 3rd. Not even convinced Ferrari was faster per se. Just Lewis talked himself into feeling miserable about the car and the tyres.

  3. Verstappen close and possibly overtaking Kimi.
    Vettel 10s ahead of the closest Mercedes.
    I know Ferrari likes to play the No.1 Driver game, but if they did make a great car this season, Kimi may just put an early end to their Constructor Championship dream.

  4. Well it seems like the predictions were right, no one’s been able to hold a 1 second gap for long at all. Not much chance of an overtake if you can’t even get within a second.

  5. I don’t mind this as I watch F1 way back from MSC-Mika days, but I wonder how the newer viewers think about this race. I think it’s good even though it lacks proper battle and overtaking, they pushed all the way.

    1. Looks like Lewis is just not in the right mindset. He started with complaining about grip at the grid, then started about his tyres from lap 10 onwards and now again. His complaining got MErcedes to a wrong strategy, giving away the race win. Now he might be losing 2nd to that as well.

  6. Ferrari is faster on race pace it seems, and Mercedes on quali. Very interesting.
    Mercedes strategy was pathetic, unless they absolutely had to bring Hamilton in. Otherwise, absolute trash.

      1. Hamilton wasn’t losing Vettel at all in the first stint and Vettel got a close as possible without actually overtaking Hamilton. Bottas in the second Merc was far away from the Ferrari as well.

  7. I’ve seen more of the Animals of Australia, the streets of Melbourne and the beaches of Melbourne than I have of the race, sort it out NBCSN.

  8. I hope on a more conventional track the slipstream will work better. It’s a weird track this one, even the pit straight doesn’t lead to a particularly obvious passing corner

  9. What timing from Ferrari!! What a great pitstop. What a great defence from VET. It is those critical 30 seconds that may have won Ferrari the race!

  10. I think if Hamilton loses this, it is his belief that you can’t overtake in these cars, or at least that you can’t overtake Verstappen that did him in. The car had the pace.

  11. Hello,
    So now that’ interesting: when ROS had to pass VER for the title last year, he did it. Now with newer tyres, HAM did not do it… Of course everything’s different, but the season is going to be interesting!!

    1. Agree. Good to see that the tyres can withstand being behind another car for a while. And off course with less stops, and hard passing, it’s not quite as easy to actually get past in the pits.

  12. What’s the deal with old engines – didn’t they want to introduce a rule prohibiting that? Farcical imo – especially since Sauber/Toro Rosso last year surely aren’t direct competitors; if anything they provide more mileage.

    1. Pretty sure they are actually happy that the reset sort of worked. I thiink McLaren called him in because of the display issue and losing power, in a hope to manage a reset and get him going.

  13. we might have Verstappen hounding Kimi soon. But Kimi is far too slow IMO. Is it possible Lewis was teasing with his remark about the grip? Both he and Vettel now made a massive gain on Bottas.

  14. Well, we might still get 20 cars to start the race. STR managed to solve the issue with Kvyat. And Red Bull is frantically trying to replace a sensor to get Ricciardo to start at least from the pitlane

    1. They are trying a reset, not a sensor change. Resets may not work. If I remember correctly, Kimi did one in 2015 mid-race (very long pitstop) but the problem re-occured immediately. Also, VET in 2014 Aus GP started after a reset but it didn’t work

    1. I am not even sure they got the car beack before the race. But if they would be able to install a new gearbox in time, then Ricciardo could indeed start from the pitlane.

  15. Aus GP might set the record for most non-starting drivers or most substitutes used. 2015 – Alonso couldn’t start. 2016 – Bottas couldn’t start 2017 – Pascal and (probably) Ricciardo also can’t start

    1. I think it is going to be VET-HAM-BOT with VET-HAM always no more than 2 seconds apart for the whole race, no real passes between them but a constant tension. Similar to Austin 2012

    2. Would love to see VET, RAI and VER but I think it will be HAM, VET, BOT, I think with these new cars there will be some coming together on the opening lap and the front three will get away.

  16. So will it be a total mix of strategies today or will everyone end up doing 1 stop only? There is potential for RIC to try more agressive strategy. Maybe Ferrari splitting theirs too, one driver try 2 stops?

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  17. Great. Vettel manages to split the MErcedes cars. Good to have him smelling blood and pushing it. Bottas can still be happy to have at least managed to be less than 3 tenths behind Hamilton for his first mercedes qualifying. Solid effort from Massa, great lap from Grosjean. Verstappen really had to husstle that Red Bull, but well done too.

    1. First of all, they were 1.7 seconds faster, not 1 second. And then the 5 second thing was vs. 2015 times – they were about 4.2 seconds faster than that. And let’s remember that Australia doesn’t have that many fast corners where the difference will be larger

  18. Still hoping Ferrari have a little more left in the tank for Vet or Rai to go Pole, that is what my heart says anyways, my head says it will be Ham P1.

  19. The target was for the new cars to be five seconds quicker than 2015 Spanish Grand Prix pole position time.

    For comparison the 2015 Australian Grand Prix pole position time was 1’26.327. They’re 3.831s up on that so far.

  20. It feels more and more that RedBull was heavily impacted by the “active suspension” bann. Merc and Ferrari are there, RedBull is having such trouble. They’ve always had their car ready and dialed for the 1st race, but not this time.

    1. Obviously I never trust a word he says, but Horner said that they had never ran it before, and had only just introduced it in testing last month, so it’s unlikely it would impact them much.

      1. He is doing his BS talk on that @alesici. They have looked quite unstable ever since the second test session, where they had to drop that suspension. He also kept telling us that the changes to exhaust blowing wouldn’t change much. Only to later blame the FIA and the competition for hurting their speed by a massive amount from that.

  21. Bottas made a mistake on the straights which relegated him to third by just .002s. He still has the chance to make up the position. But I would hope everything stays the same, a Merc – Ferrari front row should be great to watch!

      1. Yes, that’s what he did,
        but I must say I don’t really understand *why* he did it! We could all see he gave up on the final bit of the straight… Maybe he wanted to test something on the car.