F1 Fanatic Live: 2017 Australian Grand Prix

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      1. It may just take a few minutes for the update to come through by I have my Cache Killer turned on and it’s still IndyCar. No rush just making sure you know

  1. my local weather report for today can confirm it is warm 25c with little threat of rain atm… I live 15km from the circuit and if it does rain, it’ll rain here first, so will keep u guys informed

        1. If u bring an umbrella it will be dry, if you forget it, it will rain

          And if you don’t like it, wait 5 minutes until it’s doing something different. 40 seasons in one day.

  2. What is the point wating in the garage ? All the teams keep complaining about the restriction on testing and now they don’t even use their time on practice ?

  3. Looks like Stroll will be the first driver to do a timed lap. Big pressure on him, obviously this isn’t one of the tracks he was able to test* on.

    *Williams hate it if you refer to his runs in the 2014 car as ‘testing’. It was ‘practice’, of course…

    1. Really ? I thought they set it on SS, seems they learned to decrease the stops further making it less of tactical mess ups which they are far more prone :)

  4. Looks like sky have a new driver timing graphic in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. I can take a guess but does anyone know what the grren/white/purple blocks are. Do we now have 10 sectors every lap? I’ve had to watch without sound so the commentary may have said something so don’t shoot me

  5. I am giddy for this season. Even with the potential reduction in overtaking, these machines look like proper beasts on track. This looks to be an exciting turn for the sport and with new access and direction, we may be nearing a new golden era. One can hope, right?

  6. About the New FOM graphic of sector timing is the dots show sector with in sector i mean some sort of marshall posts or sectional points in between sectors

      1. I dont know keith obviously im not in Hype Train but i feel there is a vast difference in them compared to last season or putting it this way ive never seen a Ferrari team like this since 2009 or 10 i believe. they haven’t done big mouth statements they are keeping them selves a very low profile , Lets see how they go

      1. Already entered. Though my prediction might be just wishful thinking… What would be cool to see is at the end of the year the cars come back to Melbourne to post times to see how much development they do over the year. Won’t happen, but it would be cool to compare.

  7. Seems the Mercedes is so long Bottas is having difficulty getting out of his garage. Hamilton can turn out more cleanly as there’s a bit more space to the side of his car but there’s a strut on one side which gets in the way for Bottas. It’s always hard to tell for sure but it appeared as though the W08 was the longest car in pre-season testing. (Height and width are fixed by the regulations of course.)

    1. I dont know but Vettel has K issues according to tweet posted here.
      But then again no one is really pushing so every one is hiding pace.
      About Ferrari pace they didn’t improve as much as we expect them to be from S to SS

    1. He was upto 4 tenths quicker than Kimi till that point and completely lost it in the last sector. Not sure Hamilton being there had something to do with it.

      Still good to see the Ferrari punching in those times.

    1. I dont get it what people are expecting from others Merc is still the best car in field.
      they have great Aero and Impressive PU. NO way any team can cut the PU side with a winter alone. they may cut them by Aero but in PU they are best and they will be ahead

    1. Maybe how they had to change their suspension didn’t help either. Yeah, let’s hope Vettel can at least keep up a bit of pressure on Lewis this weekend, and Bottas gets to look at Hamilton’s data and improve too :-)

        1. The year we finally get to understand that Schumacher wasn’t an old slow version but rather ROS was very fast already? Could be. BOT needs to study that HAM data and use it!

          1. Schumi definitely was on the wrong side in terms of age. But Rosberg was known for his speed already since his Williams years. But yes, it was not a bad showing at all from the veteran.

      1. But when you are on a q sim lap and on faster tire you will be going faster they might not be faster than merc but they are not quicker than their harder tire fast time in some timing loops

  8. The Tires all the Compounds are very highly durable i can see US lasting for 30 laps easy 1 stopper with US and SS no use of S at all unless temp makes graining harder to manage

    1. Maybe if anyone has an issue in lap one and gambles on going to the end they might take softs, but then again, the SS could possibly manage the whole race too with a bit of management

      1. Yes, Unless like Last year Austria where SS despite being Quickest the graining made it hard to use compared to S. i see no reason why they use S here apart from first lap mess up by some

  9. Had to laugh at saying it is positive Ricciardo had only 0.9 degradation, a bit less than Hamilton – only to, half a minute later calculationg their averages being 1:28.0 HAM vs. 1:29.3 RIC; that’s not going to help much then is it (and it was quite clear from the times).

    1. I think the merc shown that they are fastest as Vettel stated too many times before today.
      Lets see how the season goes but i hope we are in a good season rather than a boring one. F1 needs a competitive season like 2010 where multiple teams are in until end of year

      1. I think Ted is great – if he was a guest on Celebrity Brain Crash on Grand Tour. For me, be much happier if Ted’s hyped up drivel and fake pronouncements remained in his smarmy imagination.

        Looking forward to hearing more from Symonds this season. Refreshing to watch someone on TV who has actual technical experience in F1.

  10. Bit of a funny interview with Ricciardo there. He almost seemed coy to admit they thought they do have something in hand (if they get back to what they were doing this morning) there. I hope they do.

      1. They did run but the run was interrupted with many on track disturbances in the form of other cars.

        Interesting that he does the best lap after a few laps on the run. Significant improvement as well.

    1. I’m from the US and here NBC does not even offer commentary on FP1 and FP3, which turns out to be a good thing because when they do offer commentary (FP2, Qualy, and Race), the advertising in just unbearable. Sometimes they cut to ads as cars are closely racing side by side or when somebody is on a charge of fastest laps. I envy the Sky F1 coverage.

  11. Is Sky Sports coverage always this weak or are they just having a bad weekend?

    Relying on them this weekend and still thinking should I watch from Sky or from pay-per-view this year

    1. Ferrari has a reputation of over-performing in Free Practice, but I have to say they seem to take a very patient approach to all three Practice sessions so far, so no one can know.

  12. I fail to see what would be the point of hiding performance a couple of hours away from qualifying. What’s the other team going to do with the information? Try to go faster?

  13. I don’t get why Stroll didn’t want to do other junior formulae? If he’s got the money to be in F1, 2-3 years in quicker single seaters surely can’t harm. I don’t get it.

  14. Hello everyone and welcome to F1 Fanatic Live for the first qualifying session of 2017!

    If you weren’t here in time for practice the first thing you should know is the first driver change of 2017 happened a bit earlier than we all expected:

    Giovinazzi to make F1 debut in place of Wehrlein at Sauber

    The second thing you should know is Ferrari are leading the times at the moment:

    Vettel puts Ferrari on top as Stroll crash ends practice

    And the third thing you should know is you’ve got less than an hour to make your first Predictions Championship entry for the new season:

    Win F1 games, videos and more with your Australian GP predictions

  15. Ok, looking forward to this qualifying. While I did put a notification in my calendar, putting my phone on silent meant having a nice lie in during FP3, so I’m even more thrilled for this session!. Is the pace of the Renault real, or was it more that others did not get a chance to improve with the red flag. And are Williams in trouble with reliability?
    Also, who expects Vettel to still be ahead come Q3? And will Bottas get as close to lewis as he was last session. All those questions :-)

  16. Looking at the predictions is very interesting… seems like a vast majority vote for a Hamilton pole, with runner up being Vettel. After that it’s almost a dead heat between Kimi and Bottas with the lone (so far that I saw) Verstappen vote (1:18.000!)

    Interesting how people think of their predictions :)

          1. Nothing, but I couldn’t pick between Vettel and Hamilton. I figured Kimi over Bottas was likely, so I went with something I knew wouldn’t be correct, but would be second most likely.

          2. I think it is still more likely for Bottas to get pole than for Kimi. For the race, off course, Ferrari will again use Kimi as test bed for Vettel (pitting him 3-4 laps too early) or let him hang out to dry (pitting him 2 laps too late), so yeah he is not getting on the podium

          3. Off course a lot can happen in the race. And the points get dealed on Sunday. But starting at the front does give a very strong indication of how things will go. Especially with the gaps to further back we have and reliability what it is, it would need serious mishaps to change that.

    1. Lots of 1:21.xxx predictions. Not sure where everyone is seeing a 1.4 second improvement from any of the drivers can come from? Anyways, went for HAM pole & sweep.

      1. I get the impression that they are still struggling to get things together @dragoll since they had to ditch the fancy suspension. You can see they got the chassis wrong because they are blaming the engine again

  17. Where did the “we didn’t change anything much” go then Horner? I still think that the thing they hadto change has a large influence on why RBR are not there on pace.

  18. Hamilton reported his car was sliding a bit more in the second and third sectors according to Mercedes. Track temperature was up a bit in the third session compared to yesterday and there’ll be more rubber down – they’ve just had the third Supercars race of the weekend.

  19. Hopes:
    1 – Ferrari really is competitive with Mercedes
    2 – Hulk places the Renault higher than it should be
    3 – McLaren/Honda can qualify in a decent place for the race without melting down. (hope & a prayer here)

  20. Call me an idiot but it might be possible that Red Bull has been sandbagging all this time since pre season and they may actually have an absolutely awesome car that will storm pole and win.

    I am not a red bull fan and have still predicted ferrari to win but I think they are that slick/sneaky to do something like that, especially with Horner and Ric talking about a slim chance to challenge for the championship. Makes you think they have something hidden.

    I know this is a stretch but it could be possible that they will even wait for a couple of race to lull other teams into a false sense of security.

    I know this sounds crazy but just a theory

  21. Bit of an embarrassment for Liberty Media in their first race weekend since taking over the sport to have these television problems. They seemed to lose track footage for a few minutes and now no timing graphics.

    1. Nooooo! Giovinazzi is running number 36?!

      That’s my lucky number gone. Heartbreaking. Despite me having a whole host of reasons preventing me from ever claiming it myself. I’m too tall. Too heavy. Too poor. Too old. And I lack natural talent.

  22. Palmer starting out as the same embaressment he was at the start of last year. Altough I guess there is a point to what Vandoorne mentions about having only very little time to do it

    1. Hulkenberg thrashing Palmer.. Grosjean pounds Magnussen… Alonso crushes Vandoorne. I’m loving the fact that driver skill is having a bigger effect.

      Hats off to Giovinazzi though.. pretty impressive performance from him.

    1. The car is fine. But lets give him a bit of slack, he is a rookie. I think it is more embarresing for the likes of Palmer and Magnussen to be this far off their team mates after at least a year more experience

  23. Mercedes having a .2s advantage over Ferrari. We rarely see Ferrari making up performance to Mercedes in Q3, more often the other way around. So things are close but Mercedes seems to have it.

      1. Yes, that’s what he did,
        but I must say I don’t really understand *why* he did it! We could all see he gave up on the final bit of the straight… Maybe he wanted to test something on the car.

    1. <