F1 Fanatic Live: GP2

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925 comments on “F1 Fanatic Live: GP2”

    1. Not sure, just going to sit back and relax with this one… I think it will be a bit hard to predict because so many drivers will be willing to risk more than normal because of last race, and others will be unwilling to risk everything.

  1. What more is there to be said about Vandoorne? I’m sure he’ll be terrific in Super Formula next year – and it’s a great championship – but it would be a bit of a waste to see him doing just eight races. Same old problem: there are just too few F1 teams.

  2. i thought that race was quite dull.
    tyre-deg was extreme and created uncontested, boring passes where the drivers may as well of been running in totally different categories with how easy it made what classifies as passing nowadays.

    DRS was also too extreme and created a series of boringly easy highway psses.

    i remember when gp2 used to be full of close, competitive, hard fought for racing with REAL overtaking!
    i used to love gp2, now… meh!

  3. although people often complain about fom i think this race shows that there still better than a lot of the other broadcasters.

    the wec tv people are producing the races this weekend and the coverage has been awful.

  4. There were at least two drivers in GP2 who cut turn two and did not take the correct route. And I think one of them – Stockinger – was subsequently involved in the crash. Had he and the other driver done what they were supposed to the crash might have have happened.

  5. good to see they rescheduled the gp3 race for tomorrow morning, allthough it is a bit of a time problem. if someone crashes in race one they only have 30 minutes to repair the car for the second race.

    1. it’s a good question.. Like look at Russian Time, ever since Mazepa, the head of the team, died, they’ve gone downhill and it shows. Sirotkin was nowhere at the start of the season because Rapax couldn’t get the car the be set uo right

    1. gasly and dejong tangled into blanchimond on lap 9, de jong heavy into wall, red flag, he’s ok, we just restarted… Before red flag, vandoorne made his mandatory stop. others didn’t, so he’ll probably win

  6. God I hate this tyre-deg dominated racing & the predictable, uncompetitive & stupidly easy passes it produces.

    I used to love GP2, I used to love seeing the truly competitive racing with proper hard fought overtaking… Its just rubbish now a lot of the time because you have big performance differences between compounds, Big differences between new tyres/old tyres & this year DRS and the quality of the racing & especially the overtaking is just not as good as it once was.

    Seeing Alex Lynn come out the pits in 5th knowing that he’ll be 2-3 seconds a lap faster on fresh tyres & that passing the 4 cars infront is going to be easy just removes all interest & excitement for me & thats just not the sort of uncompetitive non-racing i enjoy watching.

    watching lewis hamilton at istanbul in 2006 for instance where he was pulling off real overtakes & he was coming up against guys towards the front like glock & piquet who were able to race him & come back at him when he was trying to get by them…. thats real racing & what gp2 was always about until we entered this pirelli tyre-deg era.

    1. yeah i agree actually.

      yes the bubblegum tyre (and drs) era see’s a lot more changes of position but a lot of it is so uncompetitive & relatively easy that i just dont get any excitement out of watching it all.

      at times with the tyres and indeed the drs you may as well have been watching a gp2 car cruising by a gp3 car… certainly not the sort of competitive and exciting wheel to wheel brilliant racing/overtaking that gp2 used to be worth watching to see.


  7. yeah, that penalty for Vandoorne was pretty much 100% clear. But 5 seconds is quite ok for them compared to a drive through as they would have gotten in earlier seasons

        1. I see your point of view, but I don’t think there is anything wrong with pitstops. Fix things like DRS implementation, engine tokens, following in another cars draft ,before looking at pitstops :)

          1. I think it would make the pitstop more of a differntiator. Nowadays we can only see what they do in the stop when we get a replay (normally while missing some action on track)

  8. Think there will be a few F1 drivers very interested to see what the stewards’ call on Rossi/Lynn is. If the stewards set a tariff of a five-second penalty on overtaking a driver off the track, that may be worth taking for some drivers during the race.

      1. Don’t agree – they’d have been able to make similar passes on many parts of the track due to the tyre difference. We know that from previous years.

        And even if that weren’t true, seeing a driver get a bonus speed boost just because he’s within a second of a car in front is wrong, unsporting and unfair.

        1. I actually find passes where one car has a huge tyre advantage over the other a bit more fake. At least with DRS the defending driver has the opportunity to pull to the inside and have the upper hand. rather than being simply out-gripped on traction and made to look pathetic. (I havent worded this well…)

  9. 2nd incident there with people not leaving room. Also quite appalled at the marshals for righting the car and dropping it back on its wheels with driver still inside (like Barrichello, Imola 94