F1 Fanatic Live: GP2

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  1. Hm, On the one hand I would love to see DRS not working for the main straight for the F1 cars too. It would mean they actually want to pass before the last corner instead of the farce we often saw with people braking to stay righ behind and get teh DRS on the main straight.

    1. Actually race control has done nothing wrong here. They sent the Medical Car out, presumably because Canamasas flipped and they were worried about him. When they do that because time is a factor so they don’t wait for the race leader. However as the replay just showed those three drivers made it to the Safety Car line before the Safety Car, so they are rightfully ahead.

  2. I’m not entirely sure how Canamasas was at fault for that, he left Pic room and Pic just got out of shape and clouted him. Meanwhile, this SC picking up the wrong driver is shocking from race control. And finally they’ve allowed the entire field past the safety car… What a mess.

  3. DRS has been utterly idiotic this race.

    Any car with a DRS enabled car behind may as well be moving out the way & letting them past because that is what it looks like there doing. Absolutely zero possibility to defend, Its all been ridiculously easy.

    GP2 never needed DRS, It still doesn’t need DRS & hopefully they will see sense & ban it sooner rather than later so that we can get back to the sort of fantastic gimmick free racing that GP2 was producing before DRS ruined it.

    1. I agree that Spa races were good pre-DRS. But on most tracks DRS is really needed. One has to remember that GP2 is category before F1, so they should have most relevant technology used in F1, like DRS.

  4. God I wish GP2 would get rid of DRS, This is just stupid as everything is just way too easy nowadays & its just not fun to watch when DRS is making things this easy.

    Racing & especially the overtaking in this series used to be epic, Now its all boring because its far too easy thanks to this rubbish gimmick.

  5. Just couldn’t really get into that, DRS made things too easy a lot of the time & the time difference between tyres was just too much & that also made things too easy.

    It’s just not all that interesting to watch now because of these factors. If you go back a few years & watch GP2 without DRS & with the Bridgestone tyres the racing is far more fun & a lot more exciting & you know that every overtake, That every bit of close racing was truly earned.

      1. Real racing free of artificial gimmicks where the overtaking is hard fought for & truly earned.

        Like I said go back & watch GP2 from a few years ago before DRS/Pirelli, That is the sort of racing I enjoy & that is the sort of racing I would prefer to see a return of.

        Watching drivers push a button & easily cruise by another car down the straight or seeing passing purely because one car is on tyres that are 2 seconds a lap faster where the car been passed has zero chance to defend his place let alone try & come back at the car passing him just isn’t that exciting to me.

          1. And that is where we disagree, I’d rather less action & fewer proper & truly exciting overtakes than the artificial gimmicky DRS/tyre created nonsense that we currently have to put up with.

            The 2006 Istanbul sprint race for example had a lot less action than the race we just saw but overall that was a far more exciting race because the racing that was going on that day was all genuinely exciting & the lack of DRS/High-deg tyres allowed the battles to continue for lap after lap & allowed for some proper side-by-side close racing.
            That was a race everyone remembers even a decade later but in a few years will anyone remember anything about the race we just saw?

        1. The problem with tyre degredation is that like DRS it makes things too easy & too inevitable. When you are catching the guys ahead at 2+ seconds a lap you know that the pass is inevitable & it all too often ends up been just as easy as the boring DRS crap.

          It just isn’t real racing, Its artificial & I simply don’t find it all that fun which is why i just don’t watch GP2 or F1 as often as i once did.

  6. Not sure why the stewards didn’t give Sirotkin a drive-through penalty instead. It probably would’ve been a fairer penalty than allowing him to pit for tyres which are 2 seconds quicker per lap for 10 laps.

    1. Agreed, DRS & also the differences in tyre compounds/life is making the passing far too easy.

      Sirotkin’s pass was cool but when your 1.5 seconds a lap faster due to better tyres that pass was inevitable so there was just no tension or real excitement about it.

      This race to me has highlighted everything wrong this this current era of DRS & Pirelli tyres, Yes there is a lot going on but not much of it is really that competitive as you always have cars with a lot of extra speed due to DRS or cars on much faster tyres that are giving them a massive advantage. Its not real racing, Its not competitive & it just really isn’t all that exciting.

  7. I remember when the racing in GP2 used to pure pure, fun & exciting.

    Now you got DRS & high degredation tyres & its now just way too artificial & what qualifies as ‘racing’ just isn’t as much fun or anywhere near as exciting as it used to be.

    Ditch DRS, Give them proper tyres & lets get back to the pure, hard fought & exciting racing that GP2 was once known for!

    1. its not even a race though, just a DRS/tyre degredation dominated artificial nonsence!

      Go back & watch DRS pre DRS/Pirelli…. That was REAL & TRULY EXCITING RACING!

    1. With DRS working, we won’t (and likely a lot of highway passes before T1); and even without it, the topspeed differences are so big that would mean we’ll see quite a few attempts at turn 1 (which would be more interesting, I think)

  8. I am surprised that very few people turned up for this weekend’s race in Baku. For a venue where 30000 were expected, very few turned up. What could be the reason?

      1. Even if many of them can’t afford it, which I am inclined to believe, those who brought F1 to Baku should have bussed their people in. Who knows, after seeing the kind of race their home track is presenting, they might become fans.

  9. I hope Seb and Lewis have the presence of mind and control during the first half of the F1 race. The race will surely build up and come to those who are patient and controlled. Baku is a crazy track that has made a name for itself with its first ever race weekend. Two GP 2 races here have already walloped Sochi’s F1 races combined.

  10. Given the probability of a safety car at this track, I’m surprised that so many of the drivers seem unclear about when you can legally overtake. With Matsushita waiting until the SC line, if you were Marciello you should be flooring it just before the SC line and blast past Matsushita just on the line?

  11. Interesting to see that where on the one cameraview it seems a car going around the outside of T1 would be losing it, they actually can make that (both now at start and the other GP2 race).

  12. Hello everyone and welcome back to F1 Fanatic Live for the second GP2 race in Baku.

    We have a very unusual grid for this one with De Jong on pole alongside Gelael. After yesterday’s carnage some of the expected championship front-runners are well down including Nato (13th), Gasly (18th) and Lynn (21st).

    1. Agreed. Safety Car coming in with no warning early on and then staying out with no explanation later. Also deploying the safety car after the field had just gone past. This actually seemed like an occasion for using the VSC but the commentator mentioned something about it not being in use

  13. Having seen this, I don’t expect the first one to get off the line to finish first during the F1 race tomorrow. Lots of overtaking, lock-ups and crashing very likely as well. Can’t wait for Sunday’s F1 race.

  14. What on earth is going on? Safety Car came in so late it’s not surprising there such differences in speed, and none of the marshalls seemed to know what was happening. Then they send it back out once cars have already passed the pit exit…

  15. Keith, every time I post a comment the page refresh brings my i7 system to a crawl until it’s fully reloaded. It’s quite frustrating, because it chops the stream as well. Firefox + W10

    1. He said he expected that, since that has been the usual penalty – no weighbridge means you are (potentially) driving an illegal car – happened to Magnussen earlier this year too, didn’t it?

  16. To me, the run off is the wrong way around. There should be a bit of gravel just on the exit of the corner to penalise running off, then tarmac afterwards to slow cars down until the barrier. I’m just thankful it was tyres rather than concrete, as most barriers that far from the track are concrete.

  17. That gravel trap really did nothing to slow Giovinazzi down and just bounced him through the air. I don’t people don’t like Tarmac run off and I’m one of them, but when gravel just does that, you have to wonder if it’s the right stuff to have there.

  18. Someone explain to me again why there are gravel traps still tolerated around race tracks. Those things are simply dangerous. Each time there is a crash all it has done is lift the car on impact and throw them around with massive force.

  19. If this is as good as Campos are going to be this year Evans should just leave for LMP2. No point doing a 4th year if you can’t win the championship as a consolidation like Leimer…

      1. I was about to write a snarky comment saying they did it to shield him from the ‘admirers’ of his progress and then decided not to. How close I was to the truth, apparently)))

      1. It used to be excellent. But the last few years the cars haven’t allowed drivers to follow closely and the racing has suffered, been very static. It’ll be interesting to see if the new cars change that.

    1. indeed, that last corner saving him. Now Sirotkin lost it when losing DF from running right behind. End of effort for him. That pust quite a different tone to the race.

  20. i don’t know why but it seems that since they introduced drs last year that overtaking has gotten harder. we certainly saw a lot less overtaking & a lot less good wheel to wheel racing since drs came in than we did in the past.

    even on this circuit in the pre-drs days we saw a lot of good racing in gp2.

      1. gp2 races at this circuit used to be pretty good.

        the racing in gp2 has really gone down hill since drs came in, seems to have made overtaking/close racing harder?

    1. Not sure, just going to sit back and relax with this one… I think it will be a bit hard to predict because so many drivers will be willing to risk more than normal because of last race, and others will be unwilling to risk everything.

  21. What more is there to be said about Vandoorne? I’m sure he’ll be terrific in Super Formula next year – and it’s a great championship – but it would be a bit of a waste to see him doing just eight races. Same old problem: there are just too few F1 teams.

  22. i thought that race was quite dull.
    tyre-deg was extreme and created uncontested, boring passes where the drivers may as well of been running in totally different categories with how easy it made what classifies as passing nowadays.

    DRS was also too extreme and created a series of boringly easy highway psses.

    i remember when gp2 used to be full of close, competitive, hard fought for racing with REAL overtaking!
    i used to love gp2, now… meh!

  23. although people often complain about fom i think this race shows that there still better than a lot of the other broadcasters.

    the wec tv people are producing the races this weekend and the coverage has been awful.