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    A brilliant idea, possibly poorly executed… I would forego the batteries in favour of an on board generator running on ethanol, thus eliminating the need to use two cars in a race. The sprint to your second car seems a bit clumsy and ill-conceived. It is in the embryonic stage, so things like the power train and lack of different manufactures are to be forgiven, but if it is to advance technology, then they will need to let the teams be the manufacturers. The thing I most like is the acceleration curve and the aero design to minimise dirty air and encourage overtakes. Given equal kit, the driver skill will be more of a factor, as will reliability, than we see in F1 today. Still, the idea of having to swap cars in the middle of a race seems artificial. They should just hold two races with the starting grid for he second race being the same as the finish of the 1st – also give points for qualy. I can see why an all-weather tyre was the idea – to avoid probs with live electrics in the wet while changing out the tyres, but a bit of a shame hat they are not going to have the same levels of mech grip as on slicks. Overall, I will watch and hope they think of improvements, open up the design and attract good drivers who otherwise can no longer find an F1 seat – Kovalainen, Davidson, etc.


    If Kimi goes, (big IF), IMHO:
    Grosjean would be retained (shocker) – not on merit, but mostly for continuity and Boullier’s hope that he will pay off (in more ways than one, esp as he is his manager as well as team boss) ;)

    2nd seat would ostensibly be Valsecchi, but I would have to put in the possibilty for Hulkenberg or possibly even Kobayashi to be in the mix as well. If Grosjean manages to be in the team for 2014 by some nepotistic miracle, he won’t make 2015.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)