• Yep, exactly. Red Bull need to be prepared better. They should have been ready for every possibility when Hamilton stopped – ‘Oh, he’s going into Ultra Softs? No problem, we planned for this already and know […]

  • That’s actually a pretty good policy for team orders. Give the beneficiary 5 laps to build a lead of 2 seconds or the positions get swapped back. Neither driver can complain about that…. Although not sure how […]

  • There was definitely a large error in the strategy when you give up the lead at Monaco without any real reason. There was a steady gap to Hamilton so it would have been better to wait and see if/when Hamilton […]

  • Except Ricciardo wasn’t racing Verstappen. Track position at Monaco is more important than outright pace. The Red Bull race engineer was completely outplayed by an opposing team’s engineer for the second race in a […]

  • I really don’t understand why Lewis wasn’t penalised. He had four wheels off the track and gained an advantage. People complain when there’s no on track passing but if the lead driver can cut a chicane without […]

  • This chart shows the extent to which Red Bull race strategy guys failed in this race. There are three major errors and one minor error:
    Lap 22: Major error – Riccardo called in for Inters. There was no reason to […]

  • Trying to jump Alonso was risky enough as they were on different strategies. What’s more there was only an 18.5 second gap at the end of lap 19 and everyone knew it took more than 20 seconds to pit. And the cost […]

  • Apparently that problem started on lap 45 so it doesn’t explain why the first two pit stops were so early. Even if there was a problem with the diff there was a very good chance that Webber could have held off at […]

  • I wouldn’t say it was a mistake in their calculations. It’s more like they’ve never watched a race at the Hungaroring before – passing has always been incredibly difficult. And it also seems that they’ve not […]

  • Incredibly, Webber is often pitted when he has a chance to run in clean air which is exactly what the Red Bull needs, and released behind a slower car which hold Webber up as the Red Bull has such low […]

  • I think the problem with Hulkenberg’s alleged position is that it shows a lack of motivation. If I was in Hulkenberg’s shoes I would have spent every spare minute I had to get sponsorship. Driving in Formula 1 is […]