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    Italian Job


    Fast and Furious series

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    Ok according to the originator of this message the 3 top teams has already been identified as Ferrari, Mclaren and Williams. This list is historically correct but does not apply necessarily to modern F1 (Wiliams I don’t think will ever regain it’s glory, especially when Ferrari, Mclaren and Red Bull is the way they are now). In actuallity Benetton was a force when it was still competing (now Renault), infact if you look at history they were even or better than Williams. So in that regards you can include Micheal Schumacher to this list. But if you look at ratios comparing success to the amount of time in the circuit Red Bull is arguably the fastest rising team in the circuit which makes it a force to be wrecken with. As for drivers I don’t really put much stocks in them… You can take a tallent and put them in bad cars and take an average driver and put them in the best cars and the result will be the same. Case in point, I am convinced that if Rosberg ever drove in a Ferrari, Mclaren or Red Bull he would easily win a championship. Same could be said about Kubica and I’ll put my neck out there and also select Kobayashi.

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    “within temptation” Angel

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    it has been confirmed that it will be in HD look at the home page of this site

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    Ok just to put things in perspective I will put in my own estimates the drivers, their ranks and their situation:

    -Vettel – RBR (confirmed)

    -Alonso – Ferrari (confirmed)

    -Webber – RBR (confirmed)

    -Hamilton – McLaren (confirmed)

    -Raikkonen – Reports suggest that he is quiet happy in WRC, not coming to F1 anytime soon

    -Button – McLaren (confirmed)

    -Rosberg – Mercedes (confirmed)

    -Massa – Ferrari (confirmed)

    -Kubica – Renault (confirmed)

    -Sutil – not confirmed

    -Kobayashi – Sauber (confirmed)

    -Schumacher – Mercedes (confirmed) *Needs to retire

    -Barrichello – Williams (confirmed) *Needs to retire

    -Piquet Jr. – Reports suggest that he is in talk with HRT to returen to F1, but reports also state that he is quiet happy in NASCAR

    -Petrov- Renault (confirmed)

    -Hulkenberg – not confirmed

    -Heidfeld – not confirmed

    -Liuzzi – not confirmed

    -Kovalainen – Lotus (confirmed)

    -Glock – Virgin (confirmed)

    -Trulli – Lotus (confirmed) *Needs to retire

    -Buemi – Torro Rosso (confirmed)

    -Alquesuari – Torro Rosso (confirmed)

    -Perez – Sauber (confirmed)

    -Maldonado – Williams (confirmed)

    -Bottas – Willaims (confirmed) *test driver

    -D’Ambrosio – Virgin (confirmed)

    -Guitterez – Sauber (confirmed) *test driver

    -Di Resta – Not confirmed

    -Bianchi – Ferrari (confirmed) *test driver

    -Chandok – Not confirmed

    -Yamamoto – Not confirmed

    -Klien – Not confirmed

    -Ricciardo – Torro Rosso (confirmed) *Test driver

    -Karthikyan – HRT (confirmed)

    -Razia – Virgin (confirmed) *Test driver

    So from this list we can deduce the following available seats:

    RBR – test driver

    Mclaren – test driver

    Mercedes – test driver

    Renault – test driver

    Force India – driver 1 & 2 + test driver

    Lotus – test driver

    HRT – driver 2 + test driver

    I think that Force India will put all their eggs in a basket and get 2 of Heidfeld, Hulkenberg, or Sutil. They are the only team without a driver and a crop to pick from.

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    The track looks a bit too complicated but it does have the big straightaway. Mallorca itself is a great place… I was just there this past summer but I was on the Eastern side where it’s mostly German populated. Great scenaries, great food, great hospitality and great hosts. If they do build one there I would go for sure to watch an F1 race.

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    @ newnhamlea1, I’m glad your family is taking a liking to Canada… Honestly I live in Hamilton which is about 6 hours drive from Montreal and I can honestly tell you that Montreal is the closest thing to Europe in North America especially when it has both French and English as national language (in that order). It is an amazing place to go during the summer time, lots of festivals and great fashion city. I myself is thinking about going to the F1 Grand Prix this year. Oh just a heads up if you or your family does end up in Montreal make sure you try few things… For food try Poutine and beaver tales (the last one is not actually beaver tales). For shopping go to St. Catherine’s street and visit Simon’s department store. Finally go towards old Montreal where the church and the festival squares are. Cheers.

    To stay on topic with circuits around the world, if I was F1 schedule planner and I wanted world wide exposure, assuming all parties are willing… I will plan the follwing in order:










    10-South Africa











    All of these countries have tracks that were and are being used not only by F1, but by other motor sport circuits. What do you guys think?

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    I think to keep the meeting interesting I would pick drivers that are not favourites, and have some kind of controversy or hardship surrounding them, so with that said I would pick:

    Heidfeld, good driver always in bad cars or bad teams. Currently without a car.

    Raikkonen, great driver and a former world champion and for some reason not in F1. Plus his experience with rally racing.

    Nelson Piquet Jr., of course with the crashgate incident and then moving on to other circuits.

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    Aside from F1 I like to watch GP2 for open wheel racing, it’s kinda like a farm team for the F1 and most drivers that finish in the top 3 end up going to F1.

    MotoGP and SBK are good if you are into bike racing, I like SBK but I have a bias because my company has a team in it.

    Le Mans is good if you have patience and WRC is always a lot of fun.

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    So it looks like 2013 is the year where we might see fresh faces…

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    Ok Toyota I’ll take, but there was no history… they came and then left. Simtek on the other hand didn’t last long and didn’t register anything on the F1 radar.

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    super_swede it’s a good list but Rome and Monza are both Italian GP, and it’s stipulated that only one race per country will occur from now on.

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    I forgot to submit my list, assuming that F1 sticks to 20 grids and a country can only have one circuit involved… it would be the following in no particular order.

    Existing and future circuits:

    Albert Park, Australia


    Catalunya, Spain

    Monza, Italy

    Hungaroring, Hungary

    yeongam, Korea

    Monaco, France

    Sepan, Malaysia

    Silverstone, UK

    Jaypee, India

    Austin, USA

    Sochi, Russia

    Circuits that should renew:

    Suzuki, Japan

    Montreal, Canada

    Hockenheim, Germany

    Interlagos, Brazil

    Shanghai, China

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Circuits that should come back:

    Oscar Alfredo, Argentina

    Kyalami, South Africa

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    New info on tracks and more

    Expiring circuits:

    Suzuka, Japan 2011

    Montreal, Canada 2012

    Huckenheim, Germany 2012

    Nurburgring, Germany 2011 (Luxembourg)

    Istanbul, Turkey 2011

    Interlagos, Brazil 2012

    Marina Bay, Singapore 2012 (reports stated that it is extended for 4 more years)

    Shanghai, China 2011

    Spa, Belgium 2012

    Yas Marina, UAE 2012

    Circuits in F1 for a long term:

    Albert Park, Australia 2015

    Bahrain, 2016

    Catalunya, Spain 2016

    Valencia, Spain 2014 (European GP)

    Monza, Italy 2016

    Hungaroring, Hungary 2016

    Yeongam, Korea 2016

    Monaco, France 2020

    Sepang, Malaysia 2015

    Silverstone, UK 2026

    Circuits not currently used:

    Adelaide, Australia (last used 1995)

    Jerez, Spain (last used 1997)

    Imola, Italy (last used 2006)

    Fuji, Japan (last used 2008)

    Tanaka, Japan (last used 1995)

    Estoril, Portugal (last used 1996)

    Indianapolis, USA (last used 2007)

    Kyalami, South Africa (last used 1993)

    Mugny, France (last used 2008)

    Oscar Alfredo, Argentina (last used 1998)

    Austria (last used 2003)

    New circuits on the horrizon:

    Jaypee, India

    Austin, USA

    Sochi, Russia

    The question is which of the expiring circuits would you like to see sign a long term deal? Which you would absolutely drop? Would you replace any of the expiring or existing circuits with one’s not used? Do you know of other circuits that are up to date and worthy of mentioning?

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    Here is some shorter history of teams on the grid today:


    Campos Meta->HRT

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