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    Common Monsoon - "@pezlo2013 @sirspuddington You can definitely put your name down for a spot in the next season of the Collantine Cup! Before each season, we look at the people who posted on the forum indicating interest (but I […]"View
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    Bradley Downton - "@deej92 – I noticed your posts in the new livery for McLaren topic aren’t posting. I’ve found recently it’s because there’s a trigger word than could potentially be deemed rude or offensive. Take a look to see if […]"View
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    JamieFranklinF1 - "@keithcollantine Hi Keith, couldn’t remember if the e-mail address I have on here is my old one. But if you need to get in contact with me regarding the predictions Championship, then my e-mail is"View
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    Oli Peacock - "@bullfrog What do you want update on our car?"View
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    sato113 - "@keithcollantine Hi keith, I’m trying to view the forums for ‘Going to the British grand prix’ but when i click the link it takes me to the BTCC forums!?"View
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    Silverkeg - "@jamiefranklinf1 Hey, We’d love to have a full grid for the Collantine Cup so we would love to have you join. What would your car preferences be? Red Bull, Mercedes, Lotus, McLaren and Sauber are all filled :)"View
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    RagingInferno - "Bad news for Alonso and Raikkonen if Mercedes can carry on challenging at the front; it’ll make it that much harder to beat Vettel."View
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