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    To Broom: I think he is assuming what would have happened if there was no mistake in Spain an he started from pole in Monaco. Although there are 2 things or “what if” moments that puzzle me:

    1. After Schumacher hit Senna in Barcelona he damaged his front wing. But was the car so badly damaged that he couldn’t continue? He could’ve limped to the pits, change the front wing and continue. He would probably have received a drive-thru for the collision and even if he didn’t he still would have been out of the points anyway. BUT that would have meant no grid penalty for Monaco!
    2. At the start in Monaco he tried to pass Grojean on the left side and was probably unsighted. When they approached the 1st corner (i believe they tried going 4 wide!) they ran out of room and Schumacher and Grojean collided. Later in the race Schumacher’s fule pump failed and he had to retire. My question is: if there was no collision at the start, would he still have retired?
    And if so, and you combine the two what ifs, imagine what it would feel like to have 2 difficult seasons, not getting a single pole or podium, let alone win (while Nico won in China and he retired from 2nd), and then start from pole in Monaco (where it’s easiest to defend your position) and retire while leading. (sorry for the long post:)

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