• Still not as good as a 918. :)

  • That’s quite cool. We get all sorts of “Senna Editions” but nothing from Prost, another Grand Prix legend.

    And I have to say that a) I really like those details with Prost’s helmet scheme and b) it sort of looks like a subtle version of the Fina McLaren F1 GTR.

  • Now that I like, although there are two problems: I’ll never be able to afford it and I’d never be able to drive it in the smooth Prost style…

  • McLaren has revealed a ‘Prost’ edition of the P1 which features his helmet colours incorporated into the livery:

    This weekend’s Goodwood Festival of Speed will see a collection of McLaren models, displayed statically at McLaren House, adjacent to the famous Goodwood House, and in the Supercar Paddock prepared by McLaren Special Operations (MSO).…

    [Read more]

  • The race that springs to mind for me was the 2011 Indy 500. Dan Wheldon was (and still is) my absolute hero and I’d boycotted watching the first few races out of contempt for the fact that Panther had replaced him with JR Hildebrand. I was following this race intently, with the live timing on the computer to keep track of Dan’s progress. I watched…[Read more]

  • There are a few races that have brought me to tears:
    – 1995 Canadian GP. Never saw this live (didn’t follow F1 back then), but watching it some ten years later was still a very emotional event.
    – 2000 Japanese GP. The disappointment of Mika losing the championship was so bitter.
    – 2010 Abu Dhabi GP. Listening to Seb’s team radio has to make you…[Read more]

  • I’ve learned 2 things from this thread, F1 isn’t all roses and in some small way we grow up loving a sport that at some point involves tradgedy. Secondly, I have learnt that @keithcollantine is younger than me :P

    @ben-n that footage of the old stadium section filled to the brim with F1 fans, and the old empty forest of the Hockenheimring is…[Read more]

  • Being a massive Schumi fan I can remember about 3 or 4 times crying during his first career and I think I shed a tear when he got pole in Monaco in 2012 mostly because I had doubts whether he still had it or not. The most surprising moment for me was this year, Vettel’s victory in Malaysia, mostly because I was never a fan of his, but it was such…[Read more]

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    Twice for me for very different reasons, Senna’s death which together with Roland’s the day before left me feeling terribly sad.
    When Damon Hill crossed the line to win the world championship, after so much upheaval, being in effect sacked by Williams and in my view being a real gentleman with such a motor sport history, I balled my eyes out.

  • I had tears of Joy in 2010…

    My first trip overseas took me to Monza, I was adamant Ferrari was going to win that race as the season went on. Got there, and as I thought, they got a 1-3.

    I was just outside champagne range, with all the Italians around me screaming the anthem, jeez, it was just unbelievable what I’d experienced.

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    I can’t really remember crying tears of joy as such, although I do get over excited and start bouncing around occasionally, but in terms of crying sadness, I’m probably a bit too emotional at times.

    For obvious reasons Japan 2014 was very upsetting. My girlfriend came into the room to ask me why the race had stopped and I couldn’t get any words…[Read more]

  • In 2014 there were two of these moments, one being after Bianchi’s crash in Japan for obvious reasons and the other being the last lap of Abu Dhabi realizing that Hamilton was going to be champion. As a Hamilon fan, this was emotional especially after the tough season of 2011 and the heartbreaks of 2012. I was convinced he probably wasn’t going to…[Read more]

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    Like a lot of people, Japan 2012 had tears in my eyes.

    Webber without his helmet definitely also.

    Similar to Nick, both of the situations with Michael and Jules actually did have me in tears, and I do occasionally well up thinking about them as well.

    Most recently though, and to end on a happy one, Hulkenberg winning Le Mans.

    I’m sure there…[Read more]

  • Great question! I was 12 at the time of Imola ’94 and I’m told by my mum I cried when I was told Ayrton Senna had died.

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    I never really bursted out in tears but more like all of a sudden there’s a few tears rolling down your cheek.

    @xtwl I meant it more as a synonym for crying, I just tried to find the words really. (English is not my native so I may have made a mistake here as the expression clearly means more than just a few tears.)

    @dragoll Yes, indeed the…[Read more]

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    I’ve been a Rubens Barrichello fan since I started watching the sport in 1994/1995 and I was very close to copying Rubens’ tears after his first GP win at Hockenheim in 2000. That was an amazing moment, back when the sport was how it should be! Proper engines, unpredictable, raw emotions, big crowds! Perfect.


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    I was 8 when Schumacher had his Silverstone 1999 accident, I was shocked when it happened, but telling my classmates the next day I did burst out in tears. Not good for the reputation, but alas, adding insult to injury is easy in school. Then again, it felt great to gloat on the Mondays after races like Hungary and Italy the year before.

    I’m not…[Read more]

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