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    Hamilton will probably be a 2 time or 3 time world champion. Vettel can quite frankly get 5 titles if not more. He is much more consisent when he gets the best car. He is bound to get the fastest cars at Red Bull or Ferrari (where he will probably end up in the future). Alonso will probably win 2 more titles. So 4 at most for him. Can’t see him carrying the same speed as today for more than 3 years.



    24. Narain Karthikeyan, driving for his nation and sponsors just to have an Indian presence within F1.
    23. Jean Eric Vergne, has scored more points than his team-mate but still hasn’t impressed me at all (compared to Jaime from last year)
    22. Vitaly Petrov, outclassed by Heikki just tells you the guy isn’t anything special but decent driver.
    21. Timo Glock, young team-mate is putting him to shame recently.
    20. Daniel Ricciardo, has good pace but come race day I don’t see anything special in him.
    19. Felipe Massa, dreadful season for the Brazilian. Out shined by Alonso in every category. Showed some glimpses of improvement but even that looks to have faded.
    18. Pedro de la Rosa, much better than his team-mate. Only negative about him was that he criticized the Monaco track layout.
    17. Pastor Maldonado, if he didn’t win that grand prix in Spain, then I would have rated him dead last. He is a walking time bomb on the track and is actually a danger for all other drivers in the grid. Fast but not talented as Toto Wolff would have you believed.
    16. Charles Pic, good talent but needs a better card to really show some skills. Also he’d be a PR disaster for any top team. Guy needs to man up and talk like a male, I can’t say whether a French girl is speaking or something every time he gets interviewed.
    15. Kamui Kobayashi, has been lacklustre compared to Perez this year. He is the most orthodox driver in the grid, misses apexes and is a bit too aggressive, often that makes him come slower than Perez even on quali days.
    14. Bruno Senna, good driver but nothing special again. He needs to be in the top 10 for a few more races especially with a fast car under him.
    13. Nico Hulkenberg, he has been out of touch from race days for a year so yeah wasn’t expecting wonders just yet but still his pace alone should let him outscore his team-mate but he is very inconsistent.
    12. Jenson Button, only ranked higher than Massa because of his 1 win and a few podium positions. He has been woeful come quali day and yes Lewis has absolutely humiliated him on the grid, especially by winning the race in Canada while overlapping his team-mate.
    11.. Michael Schumacher, so unlucky with his car’s unreliability. But a podium this season was a massive accomplishment and should be a good morale boost.
    10. Paul di Resta, decent driver, more like Button and not impressive pace wise but still a decent haul of points in a very disappointing Force India car.
    9. Heikki Kovalainen, he is on fire this season. I think he deserves a shot in a top car again.
    8. Romain Grosjean, blazing fast of a driver. A bit too aggressive even for my taste and decision making wise, he isn’t that good. But I have been very impressed with his improvement. I think his drives show that Heikki deserves a second chance.
    7. Sergio Perez, takes extremely good care of his tyres. A great driver when you play the right strategy and he has it all to be a great racer. Much better option than Massa for Ferrari.
    6. Nico Rosberg, drove well in the first part of the season but his car has hampered any further progress. He is patient and matured which I respect but he has been naughty at times as well. I think he needs to improve his race craft though.
    5. Mark Webber, even with 2 wins he’d rank lower than Vettel because he is inconsistent and he hasn’t showed a champions drive all season just yet I was impressed with him in the British Grand Prix and the fact that he is ahead of Vettel in the standings, means he is having a good season but nothing special.
    4. Kimi Raikkonen, no win and still lacks the killer mentality when it comes to passing the top drivers. He still has his old skills and all he needs is his confidence back. Only way to get that is to win a race pretty dominantly and I can see him doing it with Lotus in the coming races. What a driver and maybe a true competitor for the title this year.
    3. Sebastian Vettel, respect the fact that he doesn’t give up. He is still fast in qualifying and probably the only threat for Lewis pace wise for the next 5 years. He has improved his race craft but I am not impressed with his whining all season. Complains too much and if he called Lewis “stupid”, then we know who is the real “stupid” here. He is still not one of the top 2 drivers in F1 and lags behind Alonso & Hamilton because he truly needs a dominant car to really shine.
    2. Lewis Hamilton, impressive in race and qualifying. He gives it all in the grand prix, he has been unlucky too many times but I think he has made up for his team’s mistakes. He can win the WDC if he gets a better car (in terms of saving the tyre life). He needs to become a 2 time world champion to really reach Alonso’s level and this should be the season to do it. I still think he’ll come short this year yet again because McLaren cannot really take good care of the tyres and really struggle on rainy days.
    1. Fernando Alonso, in contention to reach Senna’s level of 3 time WDC and yeah he is absolutely brilliant. He gives it all he can and its a joy to watch him. A true motivation for all.

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