• BasCB posted an update 4 years, 3 months ago

    @celeste lets not kid anyone. The last couple of weeks you have eaten every line coming from RBR and their drivers without a remark apart from support, while everything you saw as critical of them have been vehemently attacked all over the site. Maybe if you wouldn’t be the first to jump to their defence, without seeming to give ANY room for other explanations and views of the situation before you know the facts, people would not judge your view this way.

    IF you want to attack my personal view, attack that please, I do not mind. Provided you use arguments to do so, and not copy the opinion of a team or media outlet.

    Actually I am a bit disappointed to see you do this so vehemently lately, as I used to know you as a sensible and enjoyable commenter on F1F

    • First of all, I don´t know how you discuss things but I do it bassed on facts, and those facts come from the media. And where is support not from the media do you base your opinión, since neither Pirelli nor Mercedes has being transparent.

      And juts to be clear, it was you who attack me first.

      About your disappointment nothing I can do about it, this is my opinión and I stick to it.